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  1. Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland) - Jimi Hendrix
  2. The Wing but ridden like it was an R6. Fun in comfort
  3. Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
  4. Stay behind and back off, you never know where or when they are going to turn or stop. Great to follow coz the cagers move to let them pass and only see a bike headlight behind so keep the gap in case it's plod
  5. What a Waste - Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  6. Anyone going to the Weston Bike Night on Thursdays ? I shall get there this week, but will no doubt will get collered for some work
  7. Had a 4 day break in Malta back at the end of March. A week helping with set up and breakdown of the Rorkes Drift Rally in Brecon , at the end of this month. Going back over to Belgium for the dedication of the Welsh Memorial in Flanders (in August), which I had the honour of escorting from Wales to Langemark back last year. And I hope to have Xmas and New Year in Portugal. May also have another little jaunt over to Flanders in October for the Ypres 'Light Front', plus a few rallies to do.
  8. "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" The Andrews Sisters
  9. Try Tescos at Spytty they have started getting arsey over the last three weeks or so.
  10. Not going to express an opinion. What if it had been a trike, bike and sidecar outfit or bike towing a trailer ?
  11. Used Muc-off for years, get it from M&P at around £20 for two 5ltr containers, also use it on caravans and my camper, does a great job if you use it right. Currently use Fucs-off as that was what M&P were doing as a bogof, also good stuff. Not used any of the other stuff you got, and what is this 'chain' thing you seem to have bought several products for ?
  12. Oh yes ! April 14. "Chicken 'N' Lickin Day" I kid you not, there seems to be several FB pages. Here's one https://www.facebook.com/pages/National ... 6419333894
  13. No shock at all, Fred Hill wasn't exactly a spring chicken when he died in prison. For those who don't know Fred never wore a helmet and refused to pay the fines so had a few stays at Her Majesties pleasure. There is good reason for this, I was given the reason by a senior Police Officer. I cannot let you know that reason on open forum.
  14. '88 Peter Bottomley the then Minister of Transport, wanted to have motorcyclists in reflective clothing, daylight lights and leg protectors (there were a few other things that escape me atm). It was proven that leg injuries would increase, sort of died a death when it was also proven that the Dft testing was using BMW boxer engined bikes with no internals therefore the testing was nothing like what would happen in a real accident.
  15. I agree that there is no chance of repeal Tango, but also believe that it should always be on MAG's agenda, along with the many achievable targets, anti slip drain covers for one (which also won't happen as it would mean councils/road builders would have to pay for them and not the motorcyclist. a safety concern ? Yes. A way of reducing accidents/injuries/deaths? Yes. Can we get the motorcyclist to pay for it ? No. ok lets not bother). Daylight riding lights have come in through the back door, Hi-Viz seems to be happening more and more. When do we get the leg protectors. Anyone else in Hyde Park in '88 ? I support MAG though I'm not a Member, even if a former National President is a good friend of mine
  16. Leather shrinks over the winter while wearing textiles Just keep wearing them, I would suggest while on the bike not watching TV, you sit in a different position on the bike. Get yourself several tins of dubbin and apply a coat each day too, that should help to make them more supple and ensure waterproofing.
  17. Try J&S, they have a huge store in the Midlands. 131-148 High Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B12 0JU Tel: 0121 7667665 http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/stores/birmingham
  18. A bit of additional info on the Box lid, it is made by Oxford products (you may have heard of them) and was 60% off. J&S do some good deals so always worth a look when buying any kit. As for the "£25 head", that is the most stupid comment I have heard for a while, as has been stated earlier all helmets have to reach a common standard otherwise cannot be sold in UK, the sharp test proved some years ago that the more costly lids are NOT always the safest.
  19. Box, I got mine at J&S in Bristol, I think it cost me £40
  20. I am against the wearing of helmets being compulsory. Before the PC police that inhabit this place start, I would wear one 99% of the time. Do I have first hand experience of their use ? Yes, infact I would without doubt not be here to type this if it was not for my Centurion F/F fiberglass helmet. I used an aircraft (Concorde) jig as a brake after losing contact with my bike, it caught up with me and hit me up the arse. the impact crushed 2 vertibre and almost leaving me wheelchair bound. This was at 30 mph. MAG have done a grand job by keeping this an open subject had they not I have no doubt that as a minority group we would have to have approved riding gear at all times, not a bad thing you may say. Well when I started to ride I could not afford gear so rode in jeans and an ex army combat jacket with several layers under and DMS boots. Many would never start riding as it would be too expensive to start riding, and would in all likleyhood never start. Freedom of choice. Just MHO Sorry if this offends anyones sensitive nature
  21. As the subject says - why bother? Red mist, coz if your not living on the edge your taking up too much room. Move over !
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