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i have an earthing problem with my bike.(i think).indicators and horn efect other lights when on.i am trying to find where earth wire is connecting to the frame.i was told to look behind the headlight housing but no luck,any ideas where else to look?thanks.husqvarna moto.

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1. undo the switch so that it doesn't press on the bars, try your horn indicators now, if all is ok your switches are shorting on the bars, a layer of insulation tape on the bar will insulate..

not that....

2.. follow the leads back from the front indicators and horn, I would suggest that one of the wires is the wrong way round or in the wrong connector.. unod a set at a time and try the horn/indys again, trial and eroor i'm afraid...

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when you say switch do you mean the housing on the handle bars where the horn and the indicators are worked.

yes.... where esle do you turn the indicators on and operate the horn...... :lol: :lol:

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