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Fuel + Additives

Guest browny78

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Hi all

Well i reckon it's time to fill my Bandit's tank for the first time tomorrow so i was just wondering. Is there much difference between regular unleaded and super unleaded? Can i add super into a tank that has already had regular in it?

Also are there any additives you can add to your fuel/tank which are of any use to the health of your engine? I know i was told about one you can use during winter which prevents petrol from going off when you are not using it...but is there anything good for day to day use which would be beneficial to the bikes performance or that would help keep things clean?

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you do actually get more miles out of the expensive stuff but its not worth the extra cost your talking about 10 miles more per 20 quids worth

addative to stop it going off!! forget it just fill the tank and drain the carbs if the tank has a fair bit of fuel in it wont go off over winter

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