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Online leather sizes

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Don't know if anyone has had a similar problem to this but I guess its something to be aware of if you are ever buying a leather jacket online.

They do say you should never go on e-bay when you've had a few.....I did the other week and bought a fantastic looking leather/textile mix Buffalo jacket. I sort of regretted it the morning after when I saw the receipt e-mails through a quite potent hangover, but I had been pining for this jacket for ages.

It duly arrived...tried it on...I am an xl 44"...and it would have fitted a medium person, tight under the arms, 2-3 inches short in the arm length, short body length....For all that a great, well made, good looking jacket. Anyway, I got it returned without any hassle and spoke with the people who sold it and they said they had checked out the rest of their xl stock and they were all the same! Suggested I try an xxxl size but I didn't fancy the faffing about involved if that didn't fit and they didn't have any in anyway, shame, great service, great jacket.

Anyway, I was mooching about on e-bay the other day looking at Triumph leather jackets and spotted a second hand one not far from where I live, so I arranged to nip there and try it on with a view to putting a bid in if it was ok. Got there, nice genuine bloke selling it, tried it on, another xl....guess what? Yup way too small again. I can only advise, if you are getting a leather jacket online, to order one, maybe two sizes up from your normal size.

Sods law will dictate that there might be people reading this who haven't had any leather jacket fitting problems, but it can't just be me...............or can it????????????

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Live and learn I guess! Good job the sellers were accommodating for you. I've had the same thing with (car) race suits. Different manufacturers have slightly different sizing, so it makes sense to try the item on first.

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tried it on, another xl....guess what? Yup way too small again


Don't know to say this to you Gentley Fatty.

You've had a good summer. Burgers and beer, Plus like people say "A rideout isnt a rideout without a cake"

Your a XXL Now i'm afraid :peep:

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