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mod 2

Guest almooro

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after failing my mod 1 twice I wasnt full of optimism, couldnt get 50km per hour on hazard avoidance, got it 3rd time lucky.

anyway went into test thinking can always do it again. I did my mod 2 on 7th October, 3 days after they introduced independant ride aspect of test, god another problem i thought, this turned out to be fine as they cant fail you for going the wrong way, as long as you go the wrong way in a correct manner, if that makes sense.

anyway rode round St helens with examiner following me in a car, I actually enjoyed the test ride, strangley enough, anyway got back to test centre to be told i had passed, and that up until turning into test centre I had a perfect score, but obviously switched off just before finishing my test.

I only got a minor so that was ok but if that was a serious or dangerous i would have failed

moral to the story is concentrate right up until you dismount and go back in for centre for your result.

good luck anyone doing there test soon

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very true, concentrate all the way up until you've turned off the engine and have got off the bike.

heard of one person who failed their test right at the end, as they didn't put the stand down correctly and dropped the bike in the test center car park! :shock:

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Ha ha did mine in Gloucester which has a roundabout right outside the DSA centre on the industrial estate that just has one exit into the DSA. Coming back in I had a total brain fart when he said "park up in the test centre" and rode straight across it without slowing, looking over shoulder, indicating or anything. Was convinced he'd fail me for that until I heard the magic words.

How did you get on Sean & banana?

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