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How long to complete DAS??

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Hopefully i will sell my car in the next 2 weeks so i can start to book my DAS including CBT. I will probably do the 5-6 lesson one as i have never ridden a motorbike before.

I was wondering how long it took people to complete their DAS, i am hoping to be riding early next year...is that realistic?


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I had a chat about DAS with my local rider school and they guy was really straightforward and honest.

In short, there's absolutely no way anyone can make so much as an educated guess about how long you'll need to be test-ready until they've seen you ride.

According to my guy, 70 to 80% of people who've driven cars for a while are safe enough to get a CBT certificate at the end of the first day. The others need to come back for extra training (it's all one price at that school, so I actually don't think they are playing games).

If you're a natural, 5 or 6 days from CBT to test might be plenty*, if you're not you probably won't be ready for the test.

Notice there's a lot of "might" and "probably" in there. Until you've been on a bike you just can't get a worthwhile answer beyond "it depends".

* I ride a push bike on the road as my main transport so two wheels are second nature; I have had a full car licence for about 12 years so road use in the flow of traffic is second nature; and I really don't have any issues with motorbikes, but I'm not doing a fast-track DAS. Personally I don't think they are a good idea, for the most part.

In my opinion (and it's just opinion, of course) the best bet is to do your CBT, and have a lesson or two on a 125 (or get a 125 of your own and use it for a bit - selling it after your test to get most, if not all of your money back) and then have a chat with the school about doing Direct Access.

Bear in mind that with winter coming you'll need to be ready for some proper cold and wet like you may not be used to as a car driver. Nothing wrong with that, but it can come as a bit of a shock when you're used to warm air piped in around you while you drive. :P

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I rode a bike for 3 months in Africa about 20 years ago, been driving ever since and took my CBT back in June.

I've taken the slow road of riding a 125 nearly everyday and going through the stages as I've had the money and the time. Off to do my MOD2 on the 5th Nov - so that's been six months.

But if you have the money and time, you can do an intensive course in 5-6 days.

Good luck

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I have had my drivers licencse for 9 years and ridden push bikes regularly but like you say, until i get on a bike who knows how i will cope.

I do want to do the fast track and have heard from some that while learning in the cold and wet is not much fun it makes you a better and safer rider.


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If you're a regular on 2 wheels you're off to a good start, I think. I think regular (read: all-weather) cyclists know how riding in the wet affects steering and stopping with far more clarity than do car drivers.

Learning to ride on slippy roads means you're prepared for that kind of riding from the off whereas someone who learned in fine, dry conditions may not be. Again, in my opinion.

Does the fast track you're looking at start with the CBT or would it be an idea to do the CBT and see how you feel after that? Heck there's even a chance you won't like riding bikes. :P

Maybe get the CBT out of the way sharpish before you sell the cage.

Then again - maybe you'll be 3 days into a DAS and getting bored and wishing you could take the test early. Who knows? ;)

To my mind the smart move would be getting the CBT done and then chatting with the school when you have an idea how you are. It'd be a bummer to book onto a fast track and then find you'll need a couple of weeks when the whole thing is set up to culminate with a test on day 6 (I believe that's often the case).

Good luck whatever you do though. :D

Oh, and I just realised your question hasn't been answered. I think being riding on a full licence by next year is totally realistic if you learn quickly and perform well in the test. But that's a big if.

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I did mine in one week - never been on a motor bike prior to this :

Day 1 - CBT on a 125

Day 2 - on the road all day on a 125

Day 3 - on the road all day on a 500

Day 4 - on the road all day on a 500

Day 5 - test on a 500 - Passed :cheers:

Currently doing my IAM -test imminent :shock:

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took me about a month, but that's only because i failed my mod 2 first time round, so there's no reason why you can't get it done in about 2 weeks if everything goes well, or even quicker than that like someone has already said.

but again, like other people have said, it all depends how you get on and how well your take to riding.

best of luck

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