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Charging battery + immobiliser?

Guest Chris92

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When I first charged the Kawaks battery the optimate charger seemed to change its mind, one second saying empty (or very low etc) and the next min saying almost full... I think that was because every second or so (for 24hrs) the FI light flashes meaning the immobiliser is active.

Now I'm charging it again its saying the battery is low (even though I have experienced no problems) is this because of the slight drain of the immobiliser? Will the charger overcharge the battery thinking its lower than it actually is?

Don't want to kill the battery, and I'm not taking the battery out (means taking the tank etc off and it resets the trip and clock :lol:)

What do you think?


EDIT: Now its giving it a small charge ( I think ) at 0.2a and the battery icon is flashing... I think (according to the poorly written instructions) that this means its verifying the battery? This normally happens and did with my SV's battery..

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If it's a trickle charge then there won't be a problem "overcharging" the battery.

I used to have an optimate on my previous bike because the immobiliser used to drain the battery. First thing I did after a ride was put the charger on till I next went out - never had any problems at all.

The garage where I bought the battery told me it was better to keep the battery on trickle charge rather than letting it go flat then charging it up - summet to do with the liquid in the battery turning to crystals if left to lose charge, then eventually over time it loses it's capacity to fully charge up - or summet like that !!!!!!

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Yeah sounds about right

Well just checked it and said it was full/ fine so taken it off.

Annoyingly the seat cowl was on the rider seat, i knocked it off and made a slight mark :(

Thanks for the reassurance anyway, wondering if its worth leaving it on all the time or just til its full after every ride (Well, until the warmer weather hits anyway)

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leave it on all the time especially in the colder months as the cold will drain the battery and you will need a new one come summer time

with a decent battery maintainence charger it will just charge it when it needs it and keep it topped up

mine is put on after every ride and left till i next need the bike in winter it is just left on till my first ride once summer comes

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I never had a charger till i got the blade and tbh i dont always if ever put it on the fz1 and it seems to be fine but my bike is used regularly anyway.

I was told when i bought the zx6 that even an alarm wont drain the battery so would be surprised if leaving the bike a few weeks will have any effect, maybe the battery is a bit duff anyway you dont know how its been looked after before you got it, but it wont harm to leave it connected, but let the wirw hang outside the seat if poss so you dont have to remove seats to put it on chargel

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Yeah I did read the immobiliser stops when the battery reaches a certain point.

My commute to work is only about 2.5 miles each way so barley enough time to warm the bike up let alone charge the battery so I think I'll keep it plugged in all the time :)

I also have it under the pillion seat as that's one of the only place I could put it, and it was hard enough wiring it there as it was :lol:

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My immobiliser tends to drain the battery if left for a couple of weeks. The last couple of years I have had it on a trickle charger all the time. I rarely use that bike and it keeps the battery tip top.

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