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Cunning plan....

Guest Drewster

<t>Euro 2008 trip</t>  

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  1. 1. Euro 2008 trip

    • Yes, I love the idea of the roads and beer. Count me in
    • No. I hate footie so I wont be going.

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It has been mentioned quite a few times on here about a European bike trip etc etc

I for one have been planning a trip along the South coast of France and down into Italy down to Montecassino March/April 2008

However how about if England qualify for Euro 2008 anyone fancy riding across to Austria and Switzerland and camping near the England games, Drinking copious amounts of beer and watching the games on the big screens, generally having a great time !

Any one up for this ?

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sorry mate will be steering well clear of any hingalund footy fans so I don't have to listen to all the sh!te about 1966 again and again and again..........spose if they won something it'd give em something different to earbash all and sundry with.

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:lol: I think your missing the point...its all about going for the ride, the ocassion, getting pissed, dancing in the street, the party atmosphere etc etc etc.

I don't plan for one minute buying a ticket to go and see a game.........however I wana go to the big screen events in the parks and party :cheers:

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I get the point. There will be just as many drunken louts over here to party with. Can do that and have a proper biking trip to myself as it's supposed to be.


That was a bit harsh to be honest

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Ita ok ...I get the point.

There will be plenty of chicks over there to snog and I can do it as its ment to be.


If you're hard up on offers Ill share a sleeping bag with you mate xxx

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Its ok fella,

I'm gunna stick with my original plan...South France then Battlefields and Cemeteries in Italy.


I think your plan was cemented last nite!!!!! Bloody England!!! Couldn't score in a brothal!!! :raspberry:

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That poll is very male orientated. would be good one day to organise a big ride for the forum to wherever, but when talking bout footy and beer i get the impression you were talking bout a lads holiday rather than a group thing. please correct me if i'm wrong.

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