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anyone own a property they let out...


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Had a place for 5 years with the same tenants, my wife knew them from work so we let them the house we had just bought as an investment.

Didn't use an agent or take a deposit, though they did sign a contract and contents etc, anyway we let them have dogs, decorate themselves, things they did without permission was replace the lawns with flags and paving stones, replace the gas and electric meters for pay as you go. Ok I can live with these

Then for medical reasons for which I had some sympathy then needed to move, promised to decorate etc put things back but then left on very short notice, went to see them at the house and just asked them to do one thing, take down the massive dog kennel they had built in the back and at least pay one month of the two months notice period.

Agreed this and so they dropped off the keys.

Get into the house to discover its filthy, food left in the fridge, marble fireplace wrecked, electric fire to be replaced, complete redecoration needed.

Ok so you expect to spruce the place up a bit after such a long tenancy but then what really upset me...

Outside the back gate the bins are there to be emptied, typical green wheelie bin, brown wheelie bin for garden waste etc, go to put them back in the yard, take hold of the green bin and its weighs a ton! Can't budge it an inch wtf I think no wonder the bin men have not emptied it, same with the brown bin.

Open it up and its full of soil and rubble... so after much effort I get it into the back yard and think my only option is to get a spade and start to empty this soil and rubble into the borders, put some compost on top and a few flowers... thats my plan...

So get the first top layers of soil etc onto the border, put the bin on its side to make it easier but then discover what is really in the bin as i have to pull away and am retching and am almost sick there and then.


Had to put it back outside, how do I get this sorted? Now I have lost all sympathy for them and even think I want to sue them for having to redecorate, replace the fire and fix all the other damage in the house.

Lessons learnt - NO DOGS - take a deposit.

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Shady & pretty disgusting but you could be covered. I presume you never took a bond and just took 1 months rent back, thus you can't keep that from them either to cover costs.

What t&c's did you put in the TA? Presume you covered yourself with that, such as a guarantor?

Hopefully they signed and read the following

4.6 End of tenancy

4.6.1 Return possession of the Property at the end of the tenancy in the same good clean state and condition as it was in at the beginning of the tenancy and make good, pay for the repair of, or replace all such items of the fixtures, fittings, furniture and effects as shall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during the tenancy (reasonable wear and tear and damage for which the Landlord has agreed to insure excepted).

4.6.2 Return all keys to the Property to the Landlord’s Agent by 12 noon on the last day of the tenancy (or sooner by mutual arrangement).

4.6.3 Pay for the washing (including ironing or pressing) of all the linen and the cleaning (including ironing and pressing where appropriate) of all blankets, bedding, carpets and curtains which have been soiled during the tenancy (reasonable use thereof nevertheless excepted) or arrange the washing and cleaning themselves all at their own expense.

4.6.4 Leave the oven in the same state of cleanliness as it is listed in the inventory.

4.6.5 Leave the fixtures fittings, furniture and effects at the end of the tenancy in the rooms and places in which they were at the beginning of the tenancy.

4.6.6 Remove all rubbish from the Property, except one dustbin or black refuse sack’s worth which may be left in the appropriate place for collection, before returning the Property to the Landlord.

4.6.7 Pay the reasonable costs, reasonably incurred and which cannot be mitigated, if the Tenant fails to keep the appointment to check the inventory at the end of the tenancy and another has to be scheduled.

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Well firstly I would photograph all the damage and list everything they have done, then get it repaired and re-let or sold depending on your intentions.

No point leaving the property empty is costing you money.

With regard to them, work out the cost of repairs, clearance and cleaning and remove from deposit as you have no deposit or bond send them an invoice with a copy of all the photos.

If you don't know where they are a private investigator can trace then via their national insurance number for a small fee ( no idea how they do it they just do)

If they don't pay (they never do) it's small claims court, even if they ignore your mail. Keep a diary of all your correspondence and also copies.

Don't give up ever!

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