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Bike making weird noise after mechanic had fixed it?


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Guys its been ages, I kind of gave up biking after my mate died, but have now decided to start again, I have a thundercat, it wasnt starting, so took it to the mechanic, he fixed it, said there was water in my floats, or something about water being trapped and so my bike wasn't starting, anyway he said it could be dangerous if the water got into my engine, etc etc, so I start the bike up and it sounds completely messed, it had a really steady vroooooomm, but now its more like a tractor on steroids, anyhow my mechanic acted as if it was normal, ( he isn't official, just has this as a part time thing he does from home) as I drove it home, it seemed okay-ish, I couldnt tell if there was a lack of power. But it sounds really weird, nd I can't get my phone to pick up the noise or I would have put it up, just freaked out that I ain't done any valve damage?? Help!!

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, I couldnt tell if there was a lack of power.


If it was a significant lack of power then surely you would have been able to tell.

As I see it you have 3 options

1) Take it back to the 'mechanic' tell him your not happy with it and ask him to further investigate.

2) Take it to a yamaha dealer tell them the whole story and ask them to give you an opinion on the noise, likely causes and repair costs.

3) Chance it and hope it's going to get better and only sounds like that because it's not been run for a while.

I personally would be on the phone to chorley yamaha tomorrow morning and explaining the situation and asking if one of their mechanics would have a spare minute to have a listen and see what they think.

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