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To the biker in the white Audi 4x4 who stopped to help when my bike cut out (bad battery) when I was in a filter lane about to turn right onto a motorway. Its a fairly busy junction and there were cars going by in both directions. Its quite a steep hill so he helped me push the bike to the side of the road, let us jump start it and hung about to make sure I got away ok :)

I know he's probably not on this forum, but I wanted to thank him again anyway :) :) :)

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Wow, how nice! Bet it was a surprise when you saw a audi 4x4 stopping, someone getting out and not shouting at you for being in the road, but for helping instead.

I usually find people don't bother stopping for anyone who are broken down, or even crashed. Very lucky!

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I know! As it was my OH was with me (he had already turned onto the slip road onto the motorway but had managed to pull over before he actually got onto the motorway so would have been able to help me) but if I'd been alone I would have really struggled. The bike needs a new battery so we had jump leads with us (we were on way to get the bike MOT'd which is why we were out at all knowing about the battery), but the guy even offered to drive home and get his jump leads then come back!!!

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