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  1. Cool, thanks for the advice. I'm going to try a couple of these "buy my bike for cash" sites first, but u think they'll low ball me. As for actual dealers, the only big dealer around here only buys them if they're less than 5 years old I believe, and it's an 08 plate 600rr (the best year ) I remember you too The forums changed a bit, or at least it has on my phone anyway. Good to know people have stuck around!
  2. Hi guys, some of you might remember me from years ago, but most of you probably won't. I've not posted in a while, and I've not ridden much either, so I've finally decided to sell up. The problem is, I've never sold a vehicle privately before and wouldn't know where to start in keeping the bike safe, but at the same time I can't sell without offering a test ride. How do I offer a test ride but stop the bike from getting stolen? The last thing I want to do is to give a complete stranger my keys! Side note - its mad to think I signed up to this site over 10 years ago, and the forum has offered a lot of great advice over the years and Ive made a lot of friends on here and had a lot of fun, so if anyone is still on here and reading this, thank you!
  3. Talking of makes that are often overlooked, I used to have an SP engineering exhaust on my bandit. It was cheap, well made and great customer service. It was made by a bloke who took great care of his worl. I think he used to be part of this forum a long time ago, and I dont know if he still makes them, but if he does then I highly recommend him! I currently have an akrapovic on my CBR and my girlfriend says she can hear me coming down the road when shes sat on the sofa.
  4. I have to agree, the fairings look a bit... busy. If you want to make it a bit more modern, then the CBR lights are a good way to go. I have smoked on mine, which aren't noticable when off (but bright enough when on) The only other thing I would say is that numberplate. Obviously I'm not going to tell you to do something illegal, but something smaller would look better on the rear - they always do on sports bikes imho
  5. For average sold prices, ebay is a good place to look because you can toggle the filters to only show listings that have sold. It's great if your trying to sell a bike, because the weather can have an impact on the buying demand (less people buy in the winter), which can be reflected in the price. Same goes for soft top cars etc, whereas parker's and other guides just give an average price
  6. I've had bits and pieces from them in the past too. They've always been great on price and delivery speed. They always used to send a keyring in your order too, but I dont know if they still do
  7. I taped some hose to the vacuum cleaner, and that seems to have got all the visible particles. I can't see anything else down there. Now to hope that nothing has gotten into the combustion chamber and pray before I hit the start button. Thanks for all your help! Dear motorcycles gods, today I ask for your forgiveness for my incompetence. I would like to thank you for all you have given me. All the fun, freedom and sense of community I wouldn't get from driving a car. If you could grant me the miracle of life when I press the starter button, without any scoring or other detrimental engine issues, I will be eternally grateful. Amen.
  8. Oh, also, I do have a can of pressurized air (I bought it to clean the keyboard, and its not very powerful but I might give it a go, aswell as a vacuum cleaner).I don't know the ins and outs of the engine. It looks like the valves are closed at the moment. Are they all likely to be fully closed when the engine is off, or is one of the valves for one of the cylinders likely to be open? If that makes sense? I want to make sure I'm not forcing the dirt into the cylinders with compressed air. The bikes fuel injected if that makes a difference
  9. unfortunately I've not had a chance to work on it today. I had to give my friends mother and daughter a lift to see her in hospital, plus its been raining all day, and I've not got a cover to work under As for a photo - the million out of focus photo's I've tried taking on the phone would suggest that the answer is no I did have another look today though and I still can't tell what it is thats down there, sat on the intake valve. I did have the air filter out the other day and tried to clean out the area in front of the filter, which was full of dust/dirt, which may have fallen down. I couldn't see anything glistening in the torch light, so I'm still unsure if its small metal shavings or dirt. Either way, I think the plan for tomorrow is to get a magnet, then some bluetack and finally a vasalene soaked rag. My other worry then is what Vaseline is going to do if any residue is left over. I think a pray to the motorcycle gods is in order, before I hit the start button. Thanks for the help, I'll let you all know if any blue smoke appears in the next few days...
  10. I dont think its parts of the EZ out. The tool looks complete. I think its more just bits of dust/dirt from the air filter to be honest, but theres a chance of there being tiny bits of the bolt that was drilled out sat in there too. There are probably 3 or 4 bits there in total, that look about the size of grains of sand. The bit that snapped off has been removed I was hoping for "it will be fine" rather than "it will destroy your engine"
  11. So I thought it would be a good idea to fit a quick throttle, which involved removing the air box to get to the "other" throttle cable adjusters. Anyway, the problem is, a bolt had seized and had to be drilled out (I rounded the head, then EZ outed it, which snapped it half way down) and as a result, and because of where the bolt was located, I think a bit of metal shavings and/or grit (the air box was dirty) has entered the engine. Having a look with the throttle open, I can see a few grit sized bits resting on the intake/exhaust valve (not sure which). Are these going to do any damage to the engine if they get into the combustion chamber? Are they going to act like sand paper or are they likely to literally get sucked into the chamber and either burnt to dust or blown straight out of the exhaust? I guess I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance at the moment, because there's not an awful lot I can do about it at the moment
  12. True, but my local dealer charges £40/50 an hour, so basically that's them saying it will take them 3 hours to bleed the brakes, because parts won't be included in that price, its just labor, which is extreme. I swear when I replaced and bled my lines, it took about 2 hours and that's with me taking my time
  13. Just a hint, but putting the rear wheel back on might help with transportation Looks like a fun build. But if is a non-working model, it will be interesting to see what you come up with, since your making essentially an electric bike, without the motor. How are you planning on building it? With bits from other bikes or are you custom-making parts?
  14. mealexme

    Brake squeal

    Hey Glorian The squeal usually comes from the vibration between the brake pads and the pistons in the caliper, so it's best to put some grease on the BACK of the pads - the bit between the pad and piston, but it might also help to put some on the pin that the pads sit on. Basically, anything the pads touch EXCEPT THE CALLIPERS.
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