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cbf600 for learning on and das?

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Would this be considered a good bike for learning/training on for your das and sitting mod 1 and 2. Its what I've been using and I find its quite a heavy bike. Only other bike I've ridden was a ybr125 for my cbt and I found it a piece of cake

Maybe it's because I'm a new rider and haven't been on a bike for so long. Maybe it's top heavy I don't know

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You'll get used to the weight after awhile. If you're anxious about dropping it, by using the proper technique you'll probably manage to lift it without help.

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i have to be honest i have dropped it. it has knocked me for 6 :cry:
If you had a problem standing the bike up after dropping it, get together with an experienced rider to review the procedure with you.

The technique I learned works for me, but it's a little hard to describe, and I don't want to confuse you.

Don't be discouraged. Dropping a bike is normal, especially for a new rider.

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I hope so. Part of me just feels like this isn't the bike for me. Once I've passed mod 2 I don't think I'll ride one ever again


I promise you will adapt to it and the weight of it - you'll find any big bike a heavy lump after a tiny ybr - you should try my bandit :shock: or my OH's 20kg heavier than my bike gsx650f :shock: :shock: Did you do your mod 1 on the same sort of bike? Presumably you must have been ok to have got through to be able to do your mod 2? You'll be ok, the drop has knocked your confidence which is understandable. :)

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