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  1. All being well, I will put in an appearance.
  2. Fear not, my first cbt, on a scoot no less, I promptly had an argument with a wall. Just rode straight into it, as I completely misjudged when I would need to apply the brakes. Don't give up, you will get there. Just don't do as I did and put so much pressure on yourself that you don't enjoy it.
  3. Thought you'd have learnt the first time, Stu Mostly work, read or attack little clay discs with a 12 bore.
  4. Ah, it was good to see you all again/ meet some of you I haven't met previously. Had a bloody brilliant time so thank you one and all. I somehow avoided karaoke but have yet to discover if I avoided my picture being taken. if anyone was wondering, I went as a Scotswoman/administrator. End of June sounds fantastic, even if I have to nick the other half's van to sleep in.
  5. Very sorry to hear this. RIP Aaron and condolences to his friends and family.
  6. Ah the rotten collector box issue. Had the same problem with mine. The down pipes and box itself were absolutely fine, but the section of pipe coming out was it was knackered. I got a local engineer to chop the rotten section off and weld some stainless on in its place and reattach the exhaust from there. Think it cost me about £45 for him to do it.
  7. Mazda 2 sport, 59 plate, or more usually a 54 plate Mitsubishi L200.
  8. We've got an L200. Engine's bulletproof but it's ten year old this year, so bits and pieces are needing replaced. Great for towing, and it's low down torque. Handles like a beached whale and has the turning circle of an oil tanker, but i really can't fault it. It does what it's designed to do very well. The newer ones can be a bit gutless. We had an 2010 one at one point and got it chipped. It was much better after that.
  9. Yes. It's the use of the word 'like' every second word, as per Benn's example. They seem to be copying the Yanks.
  10. Joo az never ad a lovely smooth French one, n'est pas? Mais, oui! Je still n'ai pas like it. :wink It's too bitter, no matter how much sugar or caramel or whatever else they use to try and make it taste better.
  11. Tea. Can't stand coffee.
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