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Mod 1 bike test

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Hi guys,

I will be doing my mod 1 bike test this Friday (20th April).

If I didn't quite get to 50 kph on both of the high speed exercises would I fail? Or would I just get 2 minors?

I have read somewhere that if you are slightly under then you only get a minor instead of failing and just wanted to check that it was correct.



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You have to get the required speed on both of the exercises, you can retry on one of them. I did mine a few weeks ago, got 63 on the emergancy stop and 56 on the swerve and avoid. What I did was go faster on the braking exercise so I knew I could have a second go on the avoid.

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From the DirectGov site for test info:


There is a minimum speed requirement of around 32 miles per hour (50 kilometres per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises. There is no minimum speed requirement for the first cornering and controlled stop exercise.
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48k is recorded as a minor on both e stop and swerve avoidance.


So I didn't imagine it then :mrgreen:

I knew I had read that somewhere and just wanted it confirmed

So providing I got 48K or above I would still pass but possibly with 2 minors if it was under 50K

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