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Suzuki GS750E


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What makes a normally sane person go out and buy a bike built in 1979. Well quite simple really nostalgia. Back in the early 1980's I owned a GS550E a bike I loved and went all over on, including three trips to the old communist regime of East Germany and Italy twice. I'd been on the look out for for either the 550 or 850 at the time and one day came across an advert for a 750. I went to look and basically it was a bit of a wreck and the swing arm wobbled like crazy when I took it for a spin. It felt so weird sitting on and riding a bike like I'd owned so many years previously. I loved it and after a bit of haggling the old girl became mine.

Not being so mechanically minded I had no intention of doing any repairs myself, instead I got my local bike dealer to collect the bike and repair it to make it rideable and safe. The swing arm was fixed and the forks renovated. It now felt solid, handled well and was safe.

The engine was basically sound, but needed some work doing. I found a motorbike engineer who renovated old bikes and entrusted him to sort out the engine, do, the the tappets, fix an oil leak, replace chain and sprockets.

So what is the bike like now, well it's not showroom condition, but it's a bike that can be used, the engine is sweet as a nut and it handles really well inspite of its skinny tyres. It's a heavy bike and it's pure nostagia all the way for me. Over here in Holland we don't have MOT's for bikes so with classic bike insurance it's cheap to own.

Back in the day when I had my 550 I loved how good the disk brakes were but in comparison to modern bikes the brakes are just down right scary. The bike is now 34 years old but everything works as it did when new including the gear position indicator. I'll post up some pictures shortly so you can see what she looks like now.

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Here she is. We were on our way to the GS Treffen in Germany. This is a big Rally for all GS bikes held each year in different parts of Germany.

My bike is famous too, she appeared in an article I wrote for the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine a few years back. This was prior to the engine overhaul I had done to the bike and we ended up breaking down en-route, but thats another story.


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