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So, it seems that my screen gains scratches like there is no tomorrow. I'm not sure how the hell this happens (probably due to me using a sponge, even though I do try to make sure there is no dirt on it) but I want to protect it from any further scratches.

I did a quick search on google for motorcycle screen protectors but couldnt find anything specific, and I'm not sure why. Logically its no different to clear tank protectors or large mobile screen protectors, yet noone seems to make them.

So heres the question: What can I use on my screen? Inside and out.

I would want something thats not too thick, just a thin film. Doesnt come off in the rain, nor when I wash the bike with de-greasers. Also, somethgin that wont go yellow in the sun, and most importantly, will stand up against bits of grit in a sponge.

I had thought of using clear vinyl, but it only seems to come in A4 sheets.

Can anyone think of anything more suitable?


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