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Triumph Tiger 800XC 2012


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Purchased: November 2012

Mileage (current): 600

Accesseries: Arrow Head Exhausts, Top Box

Price: £9569

Well i did what i said i would in my Hornet review in 2010 and trade up in a couple years :mrgreen: Due to poo weather and being busy ive only done 600 odd miles on it, but hopefully that'll change soon. I really am enjoying the bike its alot of fun. Kinda funny i went down to the dealers to buy the road version, we started talking numbers and out of the corner of my eye i saw it, in its green glory.

It was quite high up for me (im 6ft) so had the seat lowered now its perfect. The seating and riding position is great i just feel like i could sit on it allday, and the handlebars position forces you to situp right making you feel superior 8-)

Coming from my Hornet 600cc to this 800cc i didnt think there was gonna be much difference, but oh there is. I can rideoff in 2nd gear with no trouble, i can go up an extremely steep hill (porlock hill) in 2nd no trouble. The acceleration seems even better and i look behind me coming away from traffic lights thinking did the light go green how come they aint moved yet :lol:

Some people have complained about the windscreen not being any good. But i think its great coming from a bike that didnt have one. The tank range is about 200-220 miles which is a massive stepup from my Hornet that did about 140-150 miles. I like the display telling me when my next service is, but i dont like how you got to go through about 3 or 4 button presses to see your mileage. Also one negative is the brakes, i really dont think their as good as my Hornet at all. Sure they work but they dont seem to be as responsive at stopping me quicker.

So yeah, i love my new bike and hope to do some proper miles when the weather decides to play ball. I would recommend this too anyone. I do plan too keep this for alot longer than my Hornet but i do quite like the look of the new tiger sport and the explorer XC....


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