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Chain adjustment lock nuts


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Hey, I did read other posts about this but they were for a different Bike, so I wonder if I could ask for some assitance

The lock nut adjuster bolt on the exhaust side appears to be in the same position as the other side, but is loose. When I tighten it, it is out of sync with the other side which is tight.

Do I tighten it, or leave it in the position I found it? Will it stay in position if I leave it loose?

I had a friend who is a Honda mechanic do an oil change recently, we didn't look at this area but he said my change was in good condition.

Loose side:-


Tight side:-



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well having 2 totally different angle shots doesnt help much but the idea is that both sides are tight and if they are not then the wheel is very possibly out of line.if you are unsure use a tape and measure from centre of swinging arm pivot bolt to centre of rear wheel spindle it should be the same both sides if not you will need to loosen one side and tighten the other to move the spindle into alignment

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