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Indicators on my suzuki RF600 help!

Guest jackieflan00

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i recently purchased a 1994 suzuki rf600, i took the rear indicators off the bike as they were corroded and rusted, and i want to replace them with some LED indicators.

i bought some 16LED indicators from ebay that i have tested with a power supply and they work, however when i connect them to the bike they don't light up at all, the front indicators light up as normal (flashing faster as they would if a bulb had gone).

i couldn't find any help online as people usually have the flashing problem when they flash too fast as apposed to not atall.

i also cant find a decent wiring diagram of the bike that isnt all blurey.

im new to the whole forum thing so any help would be greatly appreciated



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Welcome to the Forum mate....... 8-) Pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself when you can..... 8-)

Normally LED indicators need a specific flasher relay due to the lower current draw of the LED's.......and I'm not sure you can mix them with filament bulb indicators either......I think it's all LED or all filament bulb.......and an LED relay if you go the all LED route..... :wink:

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Hi Mate and welcome,

first of all you need one of these

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLASHER-RELAY ... 33728a4b5d

Reason being that the original flasher unit relies on current to control the flashing rate with led lights the current is so small it will not function correctly. Regarding the lights not working at the rear of the bike, that can only be a wiring fault. Check for loose connections and corrosion make sure you have got good clean earth connection. Hope this helps

P.S Didn't realise you were trying to mix and match, I think you will need to change the front as well, the electronic flasher unit is for the led lights only

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