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  1. Not cheap, but at least they're stainless and Guaranteed for 10 years! https://predatormotorsport.co.uk/triumph-trophy-900cc-triumph-trophy-1200cc-91-94-predatoor-silencers-road-pair-in-s-steel/
  2. Unfortunately here the max NCD you can get is 50% and you only get that after 13 years of no claims........I often wondered why so many French cars have dings in the bodywork that haven't been repaired......I now have my answer! Honda CB500X- €310 (and that's with full NCD!)
  3. Nice. I seriously looked at an XSR900, but I think my hooligan days are over. Enjoy it, mate.
  4. It's a mindset thing and I agree that it's likely to get worse there. Not condoning the actions of idiots on the road, but in this instance who knows what may have gone on leading up to the picture. Undoubtedly the biker brought a lot of it on himself by trying to pervert the course of justice. I watch some of those dashcam videos on YouTube from time to time and quite a few of them I can see what's going to happen before it does. Some drivers seem to prefer to hit the horn rather than take their foot of the throttle a bit. Driving standards have definitely dropped over the years.
  5. Not allowed to use camera footage like that over here......privacy laws and all that.
  6. Tango

    New Wheels

    Sounds like you've got a plan then, mate. Fingers crossed.
  7. Tango

    New Wheels

    I retired 4 years early........just had enough of it and found that the private pensions I've got would give me enough to live on as we'd paid off the mortgage. Mandy is still going to work for a bit longer, so the new bike will come in handy and I'll get myself a project bike too at some point. Early retirement is worth looking into, Neil.
  8. I guess it depends on which tyres and the sizes.....that may limit your choices. I got PR5's for my Speedy off an ebay seller and had them fitted at a local bike shop......but they were pretty standard sizes.
  9. Tango

    New Wheels

    Ah.....work......I remember that! I had an old boss from my last company phone me up a few weeks ago asking if I was interested in some work......"no, I'm alright, thanks mate!"
  10. Tango

    New Wheels

    Cheers Ian......definitely glad to have a bike again......just need the lockdown lifted and better weather to be able to enjoy it...
  11. Tango

    New Wheels

    That's true, Stu.....the dog is either drinking beer or eating ice cream!
  12. Tango

    New Wheels

    Cheers Neil, good to see your posts on Facebook too mate. Making the most of the pubs reopening?
  13. Tango

    New Wheels

    Probably......but the gendarmes out here are pretty hot on speeding, with zero tolerance on speeds, so keeping it in KM's is probably a good idea When the salesman told me that the service interval is 12000, I thought that was really good......but then remembered it is KMs.....so not that good!
  14. Tango

    New Wheels

    Thanks guys. Not according to the bike, Stu.....definitely KMs.... Will feedback once I can get out on it mate... Definitely mate.....
  15. You'll need to do training for the bike tests, so use that time to learn from the instructors.....get a good instructor and listen to what they tell you and You'll be fine. Doesn't hurt to do a bit of further training once you've passed your test too.
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