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electrical problem

Guest tommyd8080

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i have a rieju rs2 125 2009. it has digital speedo with analogue rev counter. the clocks are fine(tested by garage) but there is no power getting to them hence the bike wont start. at first the rev counter stopped working during ride then next ride same thing after moving off. took it home and tried starting and switching off a few times and sometimes no power to clocks when turning on ignition and other times it worked. took off ignition switch to have a look, found nothing but as i was putting it back on digital clock on clocks was going on/off so assumed switch and replaced but now nothing. any idea's?

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Or a broken wire in the loom.

if you have a multimeter - Time to go checking. If not, use a battery and bulb (even a torch battery and bulb will do) and check each cable end-to-end for continuity, moving the cables gently as you check.

Good luck.


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