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fairing repair

Guest ozzyrd

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Is the fairing plastic or fiber glass?

If its plastic (abs) then you can repair faring with a piece of plastic gutter pipe (or any plastic really) and a heat gun. You basically burn plastic together with a soldering iron or something, stitch it, and then you can fill the gap with any other plastic you have lying around. I fixed my daytona fairing with a camping stove, a knife, and some old gutter pipe.

There are a few vids on youtube which I used to help me and they are really good:

This guy:

and his general series is good.

There is also another guy 'Dellboy's Garage' I think is the name, and he basically shows you that when you are doing a tab (where it bolts to the bike) or other part that takes stress, you can heat a paper clip and melt in into the plastic to give extra rigidity.

It does work, and is not too tricky. If you don't feel up to it, then there are no doubt places you can send it to to get it fixed. The garage I took my bike to said they could have the fairing repaired for 60 quid, and that included paint so not such a bad deal. In the end I got a new fairing and fixed the old one up for a spare.

If it is fibre glass, then you can get fiber glass repair kits and they will work just fine. Just don't use fiber glass kits on plastic, or try and use body filler. Will work in the short term, but over all you could have problems.

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