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question about my cbt

Guest uwotm8

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Hello everyone I have a question not sure if I read properly but do I have to ride a 125 for 2 years at 17 or because I am 19 can I ride a 125 then take my mod 1 and 2 tests then go up to a bigger bike 1 year later or does it have to be 2 years before you can move up to a bigger bike

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Welcome to TMBF mate......pop over to the Newbies section and say hello to the folks on here when you get a chance....... 8-)

My understanding is that at 19 you can take the A2 test and ride a bike with a max power output of 47bhp.......if the bike is restricted it cannot start with more than double that power in its unrestricted form. But you'd need to take your test on a bike that meets the test criteria for the A2 license.

Hope this helps...... 8-)

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key point really is taking the A2 tests as soon as possible after turning 19 as that's when the 2 year clock starts for taking the A test. AS the CBT is valid for 2 years anyway there's little point taking any tests before 19 and then go straight to A2.

Here is all the routes to gaining license.

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