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gearbox problems - cant get into 3rd gear


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Currently having problems with my gearbox. I was riding home this afternoon after work just traveling steady and as I went to select 3rd I heard a grinding noise and the bike slipped out of gear.

I have had the bike on the stand going both up and down the gears with the engine running. All other gears seem to work fine its just when changing up from 2nd or down from 4th.

When I try change into 3rd I can hear the usual clicking noise but the wheel can be stopped completely still, almost as if the bike has gone into neutral.

Any suggestions as the what the problem might be will be greatly appreciated.


Just to add, the bike is a yamaha MT-03, year 2011, done 7000 miles.

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Hi, sorry to say it sounds like the dreaded 3 gear syndrome, a lot of big bikes suffer from this its mostly due to the excessive amount of time this gear is used. If you think about it, you can go from walking speed to silly speeds all in third gear, this gear takes an awful lot of hammer if you are not mechanically sympathetic to the gear box and engine.

Your not alone :roll:

http://www.fz1-forum.com/forum/gen-ii-t ... cking.html

Hopefully your bike is still under warranty as it's not a cheap fix there's a lot of hrs involved plus parts.

Would not recommend riding the bike in this state just in case something has broken off inside, you could end up locking up the gear box not a nice thought! Hope you are soon sorted.

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Dreading it mate, My warranty ran out 3 month ago...

Any idea what sort of costs to expect?

7000 miles and the cush drive has already gone and now this, I think this bike is made of cheese.

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its probably the dogs on the gear thats gone

if you dont know what you are doing then it can be an expensive job!

not sure on the gearbox on these bikes but some yams you can get the whole gearbox out through the clutch side if not it can be a engine strip down

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Hi Mate, l would take it back to the dealer and see if they are willing to play ball, 3 months out of warranty is not extreme they might meet you with the costs. A call to Yamaha HQ customer help line might also be worth a shot.

Best of luck

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