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There was a post on a trackday group selling some track fairings they want out the way.

Personal account, links to a company (thats shut till monday) cheap price.

Messaged the guy to say il have a set.

He said payment by paypal gift to avoid fees.

I said id pay by credit card.

He said no because that charges him to.

I said i wasnt coumftable paying as a gift, and il pay the pay pal fees.

Then nothing.

Recon ive dodged a bullet there.

10 messages with instant replys untill the last one. Facebook says its been seen.

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Its easy as pie for a seller to avoid the fees.. just add them to the price assuming its not an auction. and even if it is an auction, add an approximation to the start bid. - there's nothing to stop anyone adding them to the postage costs either. if you don't like the postage costs or the actual price. then don't buy.

any excuses from the seller are worthless. if they don't like the fees that eBay charges then use gumtree. or advertise directly on the appropriate forums.

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there's nothing to stop anyone adding them to the postage costs either.


Not so easy anymore eBay also charge a 10% fee on the postage now. They then prioritise stuff with free postage in listings so if you are selling something fairly common you may not get a look in without offering free post. It's getting pretty grim now... eBay take their skim of the sale price, they then take a skim of the postage cost and then Paypal (owned by eBay) take a skim of the total payment (calculated before you pay the eBay skim). Not so bad if selling high price items that cost a lot to post (so you can load the postage to make up for the postage skim) but when selling lower value stuff with lower postage costs it leaves you feeling raped when you finally transfer what's left to your bank. I know they are a business, need to make money, etc but getting skimmed 3 times by them is irritating.

Salt to the wound... add a "buy it now" price........ they charge extra for that too.

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I've experienced this on several occasions and have saved myself a few quid. The seller knocks money off because they are saving themselves cash on the ebay/paypal costs/fees.

I guess it depends on how much it is and if you're bothered about losing the money if they don't send what was bought.

Fortunately when I've done it the seller has always sent what was agreed.

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Gift is no way to pay a stranger. A guy on another forum i am on was breaking an evo and 3 people shelled out for parts, most expensive £700 for some coil overs and because he paid by gift there is no comeback he lost his money. You dodged a bullet there like you say

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