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Taxing new vehicle???

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hi people..

Right, sorry if this sounds silly, or hard to understand.. but ive never had to tax a vehicle since the tax law change, so im a little behind..

Right.. The new law stands.. When you sell a vehicle, the new buyer requires to re-tax it..

So.. this is my query..

I just went and bought a cheap little peugeot 106. 1.1 2003 plate.. just because its economincal, with all the hospital trips me and my partner are having to do..

and im confused..

Ive signed the log book, and posted it away, but want to use the car right away..

this is where im stuck.. the new tax law states, NEW OWNER is required to re-tax it..

So since DVLA still havent recieved the log book and transfered it over to me, If i tax it immediately online.. Once DVLA do recieve the log book and change it over, how would they know that i havent tax'd it already? and may be required to re-tax it again.. If that makes sence?

Like right now, they are still aware that the car is in the previous owners name.. so i tax it myself, as its the law...

then once DVLA recieve the log book and transfer the car to my name.. Thats legally changing owner.. So surely the tax is then void??

which means i am required to tax it again...

Is this how it works? or can someone explain it to me?

as of course, i dont want to have to pay two lots of road tax..

how do they know that im the new owner, and have already tax'd it.


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Also.. The person i bought it off, had sent off Section 9 of the log book.. Which i believe is for traders?

Well he handed me the log book, every other section, all fine..

But he did not sign the bottom of the log book.. Is this okay? Am i just meant to sign it and send it off?

because it states at the bottom:

LAW: If the vehicle is sold of transfered, both the registered keeper and the new keeper must sign this certificate..

When he bought the car, he never actually sent the log book off to be registered in his name.. He just sent off section 9..

So the log book still says Miss Laura Earle.. as the registered keeper..

Is this okay??


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