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hyosung gt650r £300

Guest jjj1989

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hi I need help with a decision. a friend of mine is selling an unused hyosung gt650r for £300 I think it is 2006 model but not 100% sure it has low mileage all the body work is good looks like new. it has a few problems ill start with the bigger problems the battery docent charge at all and it has no 2nd and 4th gear it needs new brake disc and pads it don't start because its been sat in my garden for over a year so I'm thinking dirty carbs. so my question is do you think its worth £300 will the gears be an easy fix I no the engine has to come out just wondering if a total beginner would be able to fix it and once I had fixed it do you think it could be sold for a profit and also any help with what you think could be the problem with the gears and charging thanks a lot

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As above, I recall hearing that Hyosung lost their UK distributor so you'll have a tough time getting parts compared to any other brand. But also, take it from me - while ultimately rewarding, buying something that needs a crapload of work when you have no prior experience is going to make the first year insanely frustrating, no matter how irresistible the price might seem...

Also, do you have any tools yet? Have you costed up parts? Try to factor these in when working out how much that bike will actually cost you.

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Can you even get spares for Hyosung as I thought they'd pulled out of the UK market!


Yes. Motogb.


MotoGB are the company behind the import and distribution of Hyosung in the UK! Based in Chorley, Lancashire, their rather large modern warehouse facility is packed full of Motorcycles, Scooters and vast quantities of spare parts. Here you will find the Hyosung machines rubbing shoulders with Royal Enfield, Sym, Daelim, LML and Benelli -the other brands that are also officially distributed by MotoGB.




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thanks for the advise guys there are a few parts on ebay but not many seen a few gear boxes I have some tools as I used to own a rs125 I worked on that and only made it worse to the point I had to sell it because the engine needed to come out selling for parts sounds like an idea. ill take a look on the site to see how much parts are. would the engine need to come out to fix the gears and why wouldn't the battery charge. gearbox on ebay is £100 its just fitting it that's the problem I guess if I was to buy it I would have to sell parts I really would like to get it running but its just a dream haha

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