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  1. Interesting. Who are these specially trained people and what are their abilities? I'm genuinely interested as I'd like to learn some special abilities. As a human being I am mostly relating to sight, sound, touch, hearing and taste. They tend to work for me, haven't let me down yet. For the record, I've listened to music through earphones while riding and haven't killed myself yet. Close your eyes and learn to ride a bike using your ears....
  2. Perfectly fine. What do you hope to listen out for over wind noise and exhaust noise?? you should have ear plugs in to save your ears so they might as well be playing music!
  3. That's one of the reasons I bought a folding electric bike.. Also so that if I ride it to the train station and it's raining when I'm coming home I can fold it up and sling it in the back of the taxi home
  4. I've got an electric push bike. UK law is stupid. Limited to 250w with assistance upto 15mph. Doesn't mean it's limited to 15mph so if the ground is flat you can go faster than 15mph with little effort. Not cheap though.. You can buy a 125cc honda scooter on finance for 50quid a month with a 50quid deposit and hand it back three years later for another one so no worries about MOTs.
  5. these are the ones i fitted... https://misanomotoimports.co.uk/collections/strada-7-levers/products/strada-7-racing-3d-short-cnc-adjustable-levers-with-carbon-fiber-inlay-brake-and-clutch-motorcycle-levers https://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?p=884016#p884016 First ride out, about 50m from home, first time i pulled the brake it got stuck!! had to run home to get some tools to allow the bike to move again.. took it off, did a bit of fiddling and it was fine since. so yeah, just be careful the brakes release after you pull them!
  6. thats normal.. it stays there until its read. Oops, in that case @joeman may receive two the same yep! i got two
  7. When I swapped the exhaust on my s1000rr the low speed torque suffered due to eliminating the various exhaust valves but the top end bhp increased due to free flowing exhaust with no catalytic converter. Dropped a tooth off the front sprocket to move the gearing to be higher revs at lower speed and the bike became ballistically quick all the way through the range. Extra wheelie happy too
  8. Congrats. Remember, you don't need to buy half the stuff the shops will try to convince you to buy. Save your money! Buy nappies and baby wipes in bulk. Try to get scent free nappy bags - the smell will make you want to puke after a while. And when changing nappies, open the nappy bag and nappy and get a few wet wipes out first. Don't do what I've done and get half way through changing a nappy, go to open the nappy bag, find you can't get it open so without thinking lick your finger to make opened the bag easier!! The taste of baby poo takes a while to get out your mouth.
  9. All the people saying Boris is impossible to like because he's lied... They must never have lied ever in their lives else how do they expect people to like them??
  10. Well he could have tried it would have started mass riots I think the labour manifesto had so many hidden new ways to tax people it would have been disastrous for everyone, not just billionaires and people earning over £80k as the labour propaganda machine was trying to suggest. thankfully the country saw sense and basically abandoned labour. I think it's great the Boris has a motorbike, it shows he's not against bikes unlike the Labour mayor of London Sadiq Khan who seems to be doing everything he can to kill off motorbikes in London. the sooner Khan is gone the sooner London can get a mayor who will see motorbikes as excellent urban transport that will reduce congestion. Labour's Sadiq Khan wont even allows motorbikes in bus lanes despite studies showing its much safer for motorcyclists... Thankfully Boris hates Khan...
  11. so many Boris haters... the alternative would have been Corbyn who would have taxed most of you off the road...
  12. From an era when sports bikes had armchair like seats big enough for an entire family to sit on. I'd be looking at getting a modern race fairing, a front end of an newish R1 for the upside down forks and brakes and doing someone about the massive arse end. Maybe also see what swing arm will fit to replace the boxy stock swing arm.
  13. Merry Christmas you lot. I'm spending the festive season in Copenhagen drinking lots of beer I can't pronounce the name of!! It's 5.6% so does the trick nicely
  14. Joeman

    cyclist twat

    Be a shame if this happened to him.. https://road.cc/content/news/269353-oxford-teens-penis-degloved-his-bikes-handlebars-freak-crash-doctors-urge
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