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Givi B47NT Fitting

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Hi it's pretty straight forward, take the rear seat off and offer the rack to the rear of the bike the fixing points should be easy enough to find. Would suggest putting a towel or something over the plastics to protect the paint and avoid a mishap. Once you've got everything lined up a bit of thread lock never goes amiss . Have fun

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Thanks Chris ... looked at this when I got home from work. Took the side panels off and saw that the fixing points against the less than clear instructions were easy to find. Fitted as instructions and thought, wow. Piece of piss!

Then I looked at the plate and discovered that the ends of the rails are too low. When the plate is on it tilts forward (tipping off the back of the bike) and almost completely obscures the rear light. I will have find a way of raising the rails and the only way I can see at the moment is to drill new holes in the side of the bike. Not what I would expect from a rack deisgned for the ZZR600. :(

I will have to have a look in the morning, no work, and see if there is a get around.

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Step back and have a brew, a second coat of looking at normally sorts it. If it's designed for the bike normally there should be no need to cut and drill the bike.Take your time

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Sorted :D

I followed your advice Chris and got up this morning, made a cuppa and sat there looking at the bike thinking, now what could be wrong?

By the time the second cup was being enjoyed I spotted the problem. I was trying to put the fecking plate on back to front :oops:

Turns plate and it fits beautifully. :cheers:

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Good news glad your sorted.

Stepping back and having a second look as stood me good stead for many a year. During my apprenticeship l worked with a great old guy who would puff on his pipe whilst looking for electrical fault in a control panel. l'll never forget his words when he said, l think this needs a cup of tea! Almost every time when we came back the fault just seemed jumped out on us. Sorted

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