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  1. We're going on holiday in the campervan today for a week! first 2 nights are at a cider farm in Somerset
  2. Good Afternoon I still have a job! off on holiday for a week tomorrow!
  3. We're away for a week from Saturday! I won't see any racing at all, just leaving my team as it is
  4. Good Evening That's sad @S-Westerly! my work colleague died unexpectedly well over a year ago and It's still not nice here on my own
  5. Going on holiday for a week in the campervan from next Saturday 2 nights in Somerset, 2 nights in Cornwall (hoping to meet up with an ex workmate who now lives down there), 2 nights in Devon then a sneaky bonus night on the at The Lower Lode on the way back
  6. I had them in the wrong order! your lead's gone up a bit but could have been worse
  7. Wow! what a fantastic last couple of laps
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