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  1. Good Morning I've done more jobs tonight than I've done in the last month! I need another assistant!
  2. Eurosport didn't show the sprint race! Another different winner in the race they did show. Johnny Rae isn't having it quite so much his own way this year but he'd still be my bet for the title
  3. We used to go on HV refresher course every 2 years! I haven't been for about 10! The last 2 people we authorised here I did it! Mind you we don't really switch anyway, only isolate and earth.
  4. well the race was shown eventually! A different winner! And what a save from Rea! he'd actually fallen off but somehow stayed on Almost Marquezesque!
  5. Don't know what is going on with Eurosport! WSBK coverage has morphed into LeMans 24 hours
  6. I had AZ first 1 I just slept a lot, 2nd 1 I was fine for 24 hours then the next 2 days I had headache and creepy, crawly skin feelings and my arm hurt for days!
  7. forgot to mention the drunken Skype/karaoke/putting The World to rights with The Norfolk nutters tonight
  8. This is me too! I do it for others not myself!
  9. we've just cut the grass nothing else planned till 12 hour shift Sunday night. I have cider
  10. Good Evening last shift of the week and not working Fri night!
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