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Booked my theory test

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Hi guys, not been on for a while because most of my laptop time is now spent attempting to learn how to pass the hazard perception test.

Theory - no problem, and I'm surprised I don't always get 100%, but that's usually because of something very urban like the stop sign for a tram, or contraflow in a one-way street (what the heck is that all about?)

The hazard perception, both the DVSA one and one of the commercially available ones, are not only stupid and unrealistic but inconsistent, too. Sometimes it fails me because I haven't clicked on a dot on the horizon. Sometimes if fails me because I have clicked a tenth of a second too soon - if you leave it too long, like counting one or two after you feel as though you should click, you get a 1 or a 2, and this just doesn't leave enough margin for error - you need to be scoring an average of over 3 per clip to scrape through, so you need plenty of 4s and 5s to make up for those where you score 0 for having failed to inhibit your natural reaction.

However, people keep saying the actual test isn't quite as bad as you think it's going to be, and I seem to have gone as far as I can with the practice sessions (and I don't always pass those, even though I am familiar with most of the clips now). So I've decided I will just have to get on with it. It's for very early in the morning one day next month.

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^ What Neil said.

I took my test 10 days ago and was told to click three times for the potential hazard- if you're too early then one of your other clicks should fall within the marks. To me it seems like the clips had very little that you might otherwise click on compared to the first ones I looked at online 6 months ago. It's almost all CGI now so they add their own hazards rather than having a video of a real live road situation.

Despite my worry over this part of the test I scored 59/75 and that was with one clip where I scored nothing!

The only thing I will warn you about is feeling seasick! It's hard to explain but the clips had an odd look about them and made me feel dizzy and queasy a little so if you feel that then it isn't you so don't worry about it.

Good luck!

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Peoples worse enemy is themselves, if you study for it then only nerves can stop you. Dont second guess yourself in there either. And i would advise not clicking multiple times as you could take to an extreme and induce a fail

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Its not as difficult as those practise clips! However, I think you do need to learn a technique that gives you the best chance of passing it. The click 3 times, as mentioned above, is basically what I used. Managed to get disqualified on one clip but still got 60 something out of 75.

In some of the practice clips there are lots of potential hazards but only one emerges to become the actual hazard. Think you will find on the CGI clips that there will be only one or two potential hazards so spotting the actual hazard will be easier. Just don't panic and over think things.

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