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My new baby beemer (Updated 28th May)


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Gone back to an F800r after the HUGE GS!

I felt too sensible on the GS (if that makes sense?)

Picked up Friday, then had to work all day Saturday, go to a christening all day Sunday :roll:

Suffice to say I've only managed a couple of 'undred miles so far.



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This is the second F800 I've owned,

they are a much underrated machine.

The secret is the weight distribution, the fuel tank is under the seat making it 'feel' very agile and light.

Economy is supreme too.

Not a perfect all round machine, I think maybe the MT09 Tracer is better for roughly the same price?

But it is lovely, and it makes me feel a bit of a rebel again, (maybe with a rebel with a flat cap and a pipe! :oops: )

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Very nice, particularly like that colour scheme!

And no matter what people say about them, I love those headlight units :love:

Underseat fuel tanks are bloody awesome! Wish there were more bikes out there with them. Although it's a little bit disconcerting the way the bike's centre of gravity shifts up when the tank is getting low :shock:

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I really *do* like my 800. - definitely one of my better buying decisions. 16litres and I get around 220 miles from that. I really like the way it counts down the miles when the tank is getting low. Ive not 'fully' tested that - My habit is to refill once it gets to 20.

Compared to the GS it weighs next to nothing and is produces about the same power and torque but so much more smoothly. Ive become somewhat of a belt drive enthusiast because of this bike - it makes life so simple. The only downside is the luggage, its tiny. sorta a weekend away at a B&B being the limit. but thats fine.. it wasn't bought for touring. just as an alternative to the big GS

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I've now added a new carbon exhaust to my bike (it's only done 900 miles!)

It's purely for vanity reasons, it looks better, in my opinion, and sounds better.

Exhaust is from MTC exhausts near Ormskirk in Lancashire, VERY friendly and great service, superb people to deal with.



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I forgot to mention the weight saving!

It is truly amazing the difference, approximately 5+ kilo's for original and 1.4k for carbon.

Of course I'd be a nob if I said it improved performance by being a third of the weight :roll:

Like I said, just for looks and sound.

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