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places to go in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy


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So I'm thinking of doing at least 2 trips this spring/summer... Not planning anything but I want to make a list of places worth seeing. One trip to France and Spain (Pyrenees) but don't want to stay in France too long, and Spain depends if there are some interesting places to go on the bike? So far the only reason I want to go there are Pyrenees which I could do in one day, and then either stay in Spain or go to south coast of France to Italy. Not sure whether to do Italy in first trip (with Spain) or second trip with Austria and Switzerland but that will depend on number of places I want to see in each of the countries and just see where I end up. So has anyone been to any of these countries on the bike and could recommend some places to go?

So far on my very short list of places worth seeing:

- Pyrenees

- Switzerland - Four Pass route (Innertkirchen – Grimsel – Ulrichen – Nufenen – Airolo – Gotthard – Andermatt – Wassen – Susten – Innertkirchen) - 103 miles

- Furka Pass (add this to route above)

- Italy - Stelvio Pass

- Austria - Tyrol

Thanks in advance ;)

Edit: My list is not limited to these 4 countries only, could also include countries such as Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia or other countries, I never know where I end up so it will be handy to have a list of places worth seeing wherever I end up!

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Italy - San Marino province for the roads and Rimini for the beach. Bologna for the buildings and Florence for the statues of David.

Austria - Vienna for the opera and Saltzburg for the castle

Switzerland was nice for the roads but pretty boring to visit

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How long are you going for? And what do you want out of a trip?

If you want to see places don't make the mistake of doing huge mileage each day otherwise you will see nothing!

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Here are some points of interest:

http://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=zllkQBAwv3Mw.kK2oDNPXQ1BQ" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If you want any specific information about Austria drop me a PM.

Be careful in Switzerland. The National Speed Limit on ordinary roads is 80kph and fines are frightening.

Italy in August is manic with much of the country on holiday and numbers swelled by other european countries also on a month long holiday. It is best to have accommodation booked in advance. Places like Lake Garda and Como will be chocker but The Dolomites and Süd Tirol aren't to bad and should be on any Bucket List.

Stelvio is on your Bucket List so here's a taster. Ride it from North East to South West, you'll thank me later:


Often missed is the Umbrail Pass just down the south west side from the summit. It is easy to do several loops to do it all.


If you are going for long enough then do Slovenia and Croatia while you are at it. The Julian Alps in Slovenia are beautiful.

If you make it to Croatia do one of the National Parks such as Plitvice, just stunning. This was a rushed visit, wish I had allowed more time:


......... and a bit of the Coast Road between Starigrad and Karlobag:


I run a Biker Friendly B&B about 1 hour south of Salzburg. Have a look at our YouTube Channel for things to see and do in our area: http://www.youtube.com/user/PensionHausMaria?feature=mhum" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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