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Bike cuts out


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Here's an odd one

The tenere cut out 3 times on my way home the day I bought it, I put it down to the amount of water that was around at the time. The bike didn't actually stop but cuts out for a second or two then carries on as normal. It happened 3 times in about 5 mins

Yesterday in my way home same thing happens, oddly on the same stretch on the m25!

Fuel tank still had 8 litres so I'm ruling low fuel out

Anybody got any ideas?

The dealer has told me to run it into my local shop for them to diagnose/ fix at their cost but it is gonna be hard to pinpoint as its so intermittent

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Avoid the m25!

Has it got an immobiliser?

Does it do it on a certain stretch? Could be interference from a nearby mast

If not then its more than likely an electrical issue somewhere!

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But why would it only happen in a short period and then just carry on as normal.

Both episodes happen toward the end of a long ride, I wonder if that has any bearing on it?

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