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B*****r me, how good was that. Missed the end of race 1 due to the extended time needed and sky plus cut off 4 laps from the end :( Some mental action though in both races :lol:


Thats why I always set next programme to record as well!

But bloody good racing and some more good pointys for my team :lol:

Oh and well done Biaggi!

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So anyone else think the new rules,do favour the ducati?

Biaggi made it through the field quick, xaus stopped falling off bayliss just pissing off and even fabrizio doing well.

I also think the 4 cylinder riders seem to be riding harder!

Whitam also seems to think so too.

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I must admit I've only seen the debacle at the start of the first race and most of the 2nd race and I have to say that I found it intensely boring! :(

The Ducati dominance through manipulating the rules I find farcical and I've yet to see a genuinely strong field of contenders as there was in the 'Foggy Days'. Not that I even particularly liked Foggy, but you had talent such as Scott Russell, Aaron Slight, Colin Edwards, Simon Crafar, Troy Corser, Anthony Gobert, Yatsutomo Nagai (R.I.P.), Noriyuki Haga, John Kocinski (well, I had to mention him I suppose), etc... I used to really enjoy WSB but now, to be honest, I'll only watch it if there's nothing else on. BSB is, in my opinion, a genuinely more entertaining spectacle and tends to be less dominated by Ducati's foot stamping and rattle shaking antics.

I used to find WSB entertaining and GP's seemed remote and boring by comparison. Now the shoe is on the other foot and WSB needs desperately to do something before it becomes the 'Ducati Cup', or is that already the case?

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What a start to the season, I can't believe how much Yamaha are struggling, I suppose if you look back to the 2007 season then they didn't really click into gear until Donington/Valencia last year. It's a shame cause at the end of the season the Yamaha was probably the most sorted bike in the paddock, and yet now they can't make a set of tyres last race distance. :roll:

On the up side, welcome back Honda. Those guys at Ten Kate certainly know how to set up a bike. When you look at the time they have had to develop the new Fireblade to score a 2nd place was a great achievement. Plus it looks like Kiyo and Sofulagu are getting to grips with it.

what was Biaggi doing? I certainly didn't see that happening. The reason he is normally such a threat in any championship he's in, isn't because of his large tally of wins, but instead is because of his incredible consistancy. To start 16th and then get to 2nd in race one and only lose 5 points to Bayliss would have been an incredible result, still not sure if he crashed or it broke but thats 25 points gone. Then sitting in a comfortable 3rd in race 2 with time to pass Nieto he gets a rush of blood. Now he's dropped 50 points. I haven't seen Biaggi crack under the pressure like that since his battle with Rossi back in the 2001 season. :?

I think the Ducati's will have a weight penalty for Valencia not that it will stop most of them.

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Also I think the jump start rule needs to be looked at. In the race if you over shoot a corner and take to the run off strip as long as you don't gain an advantage or filter back in giving yourself an appropriate disadvantage then you are not penalised.

Yes Corser did jump the start, however he stopped to correct his mistake and because of this got a terrible start and by no means got any advantage, so what was the need for a ride through penalty?

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Jump start those are the rules and they are fine.

No ifs or buts..if it was left upto interpretation there would be too many inconsistancies!

But well done corser for making it not a problem!

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What the hell was Biaggi doin, couldnt not believe that mistake, hard on the brakes doesnt even begin to describe it, then his bike nearly landed on him, i was wincing just looking at it.

Overall i thought its been a fantastic start to the season, hats off to Bayliss for a superb 2 races, i thought the Gixxers would have been faster here than they were. Not a clue whats happened to Haga, in the 2nd race had corser not binned it i think he could have ran bayliss for a while, although the R1 seems to be eatin tyres..

Fantastic Supersport racing as well, i think Foret chucked any chance away of the win in the last 3 bends tryign to go up the inside of harms and having to sit up mid bend.

Lovin it :)


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