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help needed pleaseeeeee :cry:

Guest TOMO

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help needed please my bike is a r1 04

when i start it up from cold it revs on its own up to 3000 revs which it should on the automatic choke ya ! but it should go back down to 1 1/2 ooo rev when its warmed up but it dunt. it keeps at 2000 rev for about 40 mins even when i am riding it. can anyone help please im pissed off with it. iv been told i need some spray to put it my air box to clean somthing .it this right ????

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Spray in your airbox?

The only thing I can think of is K&N's filter kit


Im not sure if that'd sort it, hmmmmm.

Think its a reference to air starvation, filter blocked kinda thing. Can you get to the airbox to check, check the air intakes for obstructions etc.

You could try recharging your filter, depends on whats fitted. Sure I read somewhere try it without moving off without the filter in, see if that cures the prob, if so get a new one. This is not a definite though, better grease monkeys will be along soon.


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Guest philgale

there should be a twisty thing somewhere....im good with bikes me....

on my bike its on the right hand side as you sit on it, on the engine and that regulates the revs so you can turn them up or down.....

just dont try it when your moving, i did and turned the revs up by mistake and shot off :lol:

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Reffering to the idle rev adjuster yes?

Might help:



All depends if it was running fine before and its just started to bugger about without you messing, if bought like that it may well be the idle screw been fiddled with.

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Personally I don't think its the Idle setting either. R1's have a diagnosis built into the dashboard, and when certain revs are showing it can mean different things depending on how high the revs are. The first thing I would try is, turn on the ignition, but don't start the bike, now look at your tacho (rev counter) and does your needle start jumping after a few seconds. Leave it at least 10 seconds, if nothing happens then that is good (If it does jump, let me know how high and I'll let you know whats wrong). The next thing I would do is look at the workshop manual, heres a copy of mine but obviously mines a 98 model. I don't think yours has carbs so disreguard that bit but theres probably still something that can go wrong with fuel injection. I guess another easy thing to try would be the battery and the air filter element.


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Yamaha has wrapped the wire harness for the instrument cluster around a sharp metal edge in the "crotch" of the fairing stay. It is retained with a plastic tie strap. Pull your windscreen and look straight down between the low beam headlight housings and you'll see what I'm talking about. Mine rubbed through and started popping the ignition fuse at random. It seemed temperature sensitive and defied the wiggle test. It was not water-sensitive. Bumps did not give it away. It only happened on hot days in heavy traffic.


I found this not same as you but still could be same reason :?

You might find out something on here m8 :wink:


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