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Taking my A2 test (advice needed!)

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Hi all

I turned 19 about 2 weeks ago, I passed my CBT nearly 2 years ago. The mod 1 has been scheduled for this weekend. I have a days training on Sunday and the test on Monday, the training is mainly to get used to relatively larger bike. Unfortunately this training company won’t be able to book me in for the mod 2 for another 3 weeks after. I was planning to have a day of training along side the mod 2 test. With the 2 years experience on a Ybr 125 how would I fair going straight for the mod 2 test?


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It depends on how many "bad" habits you have picked up on your 2 years of riding.

I sat MOD 2 after around 2 years on a 125 (MOD 1 I passed around 8 months after my cbt). In total I spent around 12-14hrs on the school bike, however I only paid for about 10, the rest were simply cause no-one else was using it and there was a space if I wanted to continue staying out for another hour or so! :lol:

Most of my time on the bike was spent getting used to the physical size of it and the difference in gearing. I probably could have got away with half the hours I done with no real problem. I thankfully had not picked up any serious bad habits, mostly I apparently do too many shoulder checks on roundabouts!

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Schools have a process where they block book and give back the unused tests, but they are limited to how many they can get. Just because the School can't book a test it doesn't mean that you can't book a test for them. Talk to them about that.

To answer your question; some schools run the entire A license over 3 days including the tests. It depends on you. I would wait until you pass your Mod 1 before booking Mod 2 though. You still have time to practice all the slow stuff on your 125 to make sure you get through. Good luck.

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