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  1. That really sucks, glad they're sorting it out so you're not out of pocket but they really should have spotted that so they should. I can only assume they "glanced" at your documents rather than study the dates as 99 times out of a hundred it would all be in order.
  2. Had my first ever noise test, checking my new exhaust is within track limits well within the skills day I have booked later this year. The chap put three fingers up ....to signify I was at 103dB, 2 below track limits so all good.
  3. Did anyone see this pic the other day? Well, I'll admit I was one of those wondering if the van driver had tried forcing their way through. It turns out....
  4. In our CBT at the stage you're talking about we were told to pull the clutch in if we got a bit overly enthusiastic (although once we got the hang of those very basics and started doing figure of 8s etc we were of course told not to pull it in mid lean) and yes use the clutch to smooth the snatchiness out. I'm sure he rode around hammering the throttle to prove his point From memory I'm also pretty sure our instructor was keen to impress on us too that once we got into second gear things would be a lot less snatchy. Not to refute what your friend says as I wasn't there, was it definitely 10 mins? I've known people who if the instructor is worried about their overall safety, and also not to hold up the other participants, will tell them to come back another day.
  5. Problem with that sequence of photos is you've made it look like you ate the child
  6. Whoever stole the 115cc Honda moped I spotted in a field on a dog walk this morning. Reported it via 101 and fair play to the police got a phone call a couple of hours later from an officer at the scene thanking me for reporting it as it was reported stolen a couple of days ago and they were arranging recovery. It didn't look in bad nick so hopefully not much needs to be done to get it back on the road once the owner gets it back.
  7. What's that blue stuff above the castle?
  8. How did he know no other traffic was around if he didn't do a shoulder check? Only partly serious there - but yes normally it would have been a couple of missed ops and/or you missed something, eg passing another road user who then may have come up your outside, or they were stationary for some time waiting to turn in so a quick check would have verified nothing unexpected had changed alongside you. I think it's usual for an examiner to say "the rest of your ride was fine" in a test where you failed on only one thing.
  9. My first of those units was problematic, cleared up after they sent a replacement* So maybe they had lots of issues with them. Shame as surely they could have just sourced a new supplier *They actually sent me a whole new full set, ie an additional wireless charger, as they could see I was willing to find which specific part was failing. Which was great, as once done I was able to keep it and put it on @Magpie84's bike
  10. My wireless charger came with pig tails, but it was an early version. Have they really stopped offering those with it? It was just pig tails into a usb socket, so you could then plug their usb plug into it. It's currently connected to the handy GPS power socket BMW provide though, so it's switched.
  11. On, and I bodged a bicycle mount with a spare I had
  12. Yup, happy with mine but I accept that you end up drinking the koolaid with it a bit... I also have the carrying ring/stand and an in car mount. That's in addition to the wireless charger for the motorbike that I bought first Seems very secure and once you get the hang of attaching it easy as anything
  13. Learn when people may not see you and why https://ko-fi.com/post/READ-FOR-FREE-ToT-May-1-SOBS--how-hard-is-it-E1E44MII0
  14. Very unexpectedly got a covid vaccine today. Managed to have one that somebody didn't turn up for. Thank you person who didn't turn up
  15. Which picture were you looking at @bonio? Your reply wasn't overly clear
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