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CBR125R 2004

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So I’ve finally started looking at this today for an hour or so.

Initial faults identified:

1) steering lock doesn’t actually lock

2) no electrics at all

3) chain and sprockets knackered

4) front brake might need a strip and rebuild.

1 was resolved by tightening the bolts on the underside of the yoke, which needed the front fairing completely off for my hands to get to them.

2 is resolved in that I found some soldering work done on the ignition switch and the main fuse had blown. Swap the fuse and we have lights!

This now leads to the starter button doesn’t work... I’m not hearing any fuel pump whine and it’s a new battery. I don’t hear a click from the relay when turning on the bike but it does click when going off.

Have checked the 3 10amp fuses in the cluster next to the battery, and although I have a Haynes manual I haven’t seen if there are any more I have missed yet. I’m struggling to undo the starter relay from the motorcycle cable as it’s a bit stuck so waiting for some WD40 to penetrate it to see if it helps.

I’ve stripped the starter button and cleaned it to make sure there are good contacts as well. Next step is trace through the various points of the starter system.

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If in any doubt, give the brakes an overall - no point making it go if you can't trust it to stop.

If there's power but it won't start, might be worth checking (or bypassing) the side stand switch.

And making sure the master cutoff (next to starter button) is on and working.

Then maybe trace all the wiring, could be a bad connection, bad earth, broken wire in there.

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I checked the engine kill switch, in that it doesn’t have one :/

It’s been sat and exposed for a while so I’ll be stripping it as far back as possible and tidying and cleaning as much as I can. It’s just a case of work through the items one by one.

Asked for a dremel for my birthday next month so I can do some of the jobs I want to.

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