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  1. I checked the engine kill switch, in that it doesn’t have one :/ It’s been sat and exposed for a while so I’ll be stripping it as far back as possible and tidying and cleaning as much as I can. It’s just a case of work through the items one by one. Asked for a dremel for my birthday next month so I can do some of the jobs I want to.
  2. So I’ve finally started looking at this today for an hour or so. Initial faults identified: 1) steering lock doesn’t actually lock 2) no electrics at all 3) chain and sprockets knackered 4) front brake might need a strip and rebuild. 1 was resolved by tightening the bolts on the underside of the yoke, which needed the front fairing completely off for my hands to get to them. 2 is resolved in that I found some soldering work done on the ignition switch and the main fuse had blown. Swap the fuse and we have lights! This now leads to the starter button doesn’t work... I’m not hearing any fuel pump whine and it’s a new battery. I don’t hear a click from the relay when turning on the bike but it does click when going off. Have checked the 3 10amp fuses in the cluster next to the battery, and although I have a Haynes manual I haven’t seen if there are any more I have missed yet. I’m struggling to undo the starter relay from the motorcycle cable as it’s a bit stuck so waiting for some WD40 to penetrate it to see if it helps. I’ve stripped the starter button and cleaned it to make sure there are good contacts as well. Next step is trace through the various points of the starter system.
  3. Crap totally forgot to come back as it’s been a manic time. I hired a lwb small van and got it back fine. Only hassle was the oxford lock key missing but after half an hour or so with a paperclip and a hammer I had it picked.
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone have experience with using a van to transport a motorbike, as I need to hire one to collect my sister's current CBR 125 R off her. I know a transit would do the job, but I was wondering if something smaller like a Renault Kangoo has a large enough space to load the CBR into as it would cut the cost a bit?
  5. but how often do you use 1st on a race bike ? pulling away and that's about it Depends on the track. Macau hairpin would be a corner I’d imagine you would use 1st. Depending on bike possibly the loop section at Silverstone.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. Just making the finishing Santa touches to the living room. 2 and 1/2 year old finally understands it.
  7. MR_W

    Stolen Items

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1251522671667571&id=551078518378660 For anyone who has Facebook.
  8. MR_W

    Stolen Items

    "We are all devastated. The studio was broken into and pretty much cleaned out. Please be on the lookout for very unusual Shergold guitars, a Gretch Les Paul (Pip’s guitars) and a soundcraft LX7 desk. " Brief description by the sister of Lee.
  9. MR_W

    Stolen Items

    Hi Everyone, Last night the studio my sister had her drumkit was in was broken into and they have cleared the place out. They have taken my sister's drums, a soundboard, microphones and a whole bunch of guitars. These guitars used to belong to my sister's friend (Pip) who died a month or 2 ago. My sister played in a band with this friend and the friend (Lee) who discovered the break in at about 10am this morning. The break happened over night we know this much. The gutting thing is we held my sister's 30th birthday party last night and Pips death had just begun to heal in their hearts. Lee and his sister's husband had put a lot of work into doing up the studio after Pips death and planned to continue his legacy in it. They don't care about the money of these items, nothing would ever be able to match the sentimental value. This incident happened in the Chorlton area of Manchester and was clearly organised as they cleared out so much and left the gym above the studio alone. Can anyone in and around Manchester please keep an eye out for a large amount of music equipment coming up for sale. Naturally my sister, her handmade and his brother in law are all devastated. Any help tracking this down would be appreciated. I will try get more info and descriptions on what was stolen.
  10. Sorry to hear about your bike. And sorry about the insensitive idiots.
  11. Because anything I managed to find seemed to conflict between needing it and not needing it. I would have assumed not given its running out the bottom of the boiler so logically wouldn't get hot. However there may be regulations I am not aware of.
  12. At the moment it's 5 core but no idea if heat resistant.
  13. I'm looking to wire in a Hive system to replace my crappy old thermostat and ancient manual programmer. Happy with what terminals need wiring, but can anyone with experience tell me if I do need heat resistant cable to wire in the receiver?
  14. No need to run them down, they deliver themselves directly to your front room when you live in the sticks: IMAG0808.jpg I reckon it would have jumped in the oven if I opened the door. Saw one leg it in front of us and tried to fly when it realised it had misjudged timings. Took a whack up its arse from the top of the right headlight and soared over the HGV coming the other way into a field.
  15. Growing up in the countryside you end up in a lot of vehicles that hit animals. And I was taught to cook from a fairly young age so had a fairly good understanding of where food came from or could come from. I grew up in the new forest and I've heard this said to be law too. Think the idea is that it prevents people deliberatly running creatures over for food. Mate of mine had a classic mini and found a dead dear so he strapped it to the bonnet. Drove home with his head out of the window as he couldn't see a thing through the windshield!! Pheasant being one of the prizes they want to protect
  16. By law you can't pick up any animals you have hit for food. Only a following car can.... I can't help but wonder how you come to have that particular bit of the legal system to hand. Growing up in the countryside you end up in a lot of vehicles that hit animals. And I was taught to cook from a fairly young age so had a fairly good understanding of where food came from or could come from.
  17. By law you can't pick up any animals you have hit for food. Only a following car can....
  18. In terms of cost for the birth, it probably worked out at about that for parking. Main point is, it could be costing us a lot worse than it does.
  19. Bit of perspective for all of you slating the NHS. My partner is from Utah. One of her cousins gave birth the other day and her baby is in NICU. The first night has cost $25,000 just for the baby. Each subsequent night is $10,000. This is purely the baby in hospital. Doesn't cover the cost of giving birth or anything. The cousin isn't insured so she has to pay all this back. She can't afford to be insured as her partner earns too much to qualify for Medicaid. But not enough to afford insurance. And because they aren't insured, they will receive a fine on top for that. There's useless morons in every system, but I'd rather have the NHS than the US system. First child cost me £30 parking. 2nd child cost me £0 for parking as they changed the car park by that time.
  20. I said yes to all assuming that mobile phone tosspots fall under that category. General speeding I wouldn't probably bother as can't prove someone else's speed on a dashcam, but have caught plenty on my bike using phones.
  21. If at first you don't succeed skydiving is not your sport.
  22. When I have had to use 111 they have been good. One time they where exceptional, as there was a risk I was having a stroke. 111, ambulance and A&E where all bloody fantastic and there was no time being wasted by any of them. GP surgeries and clinics like you went to seem to be the worst aspects of the NHS from my experience. A&E is some of the best people. My sister works in the NHS (has been for about a year now) and she is already massively disheartened by some of the people she has had to work with who clearly didn't give a rat's arse.
  23. Granted but he changes it to a selfie of him watching over you while you sleep. I wish my kids would sleep.
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