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Air Ambulance Rideout 20th July

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Hi all.

I hope i'm not treading on toes here but its all in a good cause. Iam organising a rideout with the help of Thunder Road motorcyles and http://www.welshbikers.org ,for the Wales Air Ambulance.

It will leave the bike shop on 20th July and cover approximatly 150 miles, the cost is £5 as a minimum donation per bike.

When we get back I have secured a large pub close by and they are providing a BBQ. Iam also trying to get a comedian and a band or two for entertainment. If there is anyone on here who knows of a band that may cover the event then please let me know. Obviously costs need to be kept down, but I'm sure we would be able to cover petrol and maybe chuck in a crate of beer or two.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Ok, for anyone that is interested. The 'official' rideout connected with THE other website is cancelled.

Now i know alot of people have taken holidays, booked hotes and are coming from far and wide. The feedback im getting is that they are undeterred and will still be turning up.

I am regarding myself as a web user now, not an event organiser. I will keep the bands in place at the Haywain pub, and also I hope they will still do the BBQ, a good evening night can still be had by all.

If people want to turn up for an unoffical rideout between 9 at 11 on sunday the 20th at Thunder Road in Bridgend then they have given us permission to still use their car park.............................

Im still sure there will be a good turn out. There will be no signing on, no disclaimers as nobody is 'organising' this, its a shame its like this but some 'biker' just doesnt havnt got a clue.....ahem

If people then want to donate to the Air Ambulance after I will be hapy to recieve those donations for a great cause.

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Anyhoo, the owners of the Haywain pub contacted me today as they were told it had all been cancelled. I have reasured them that people are turning up and they are still happy to provide a BBQ and leave us have the pub for the evening for the entertainment....One band is 100% confirmed, and I need to get hold of the freebie band for the early evening.....Onwards and upwards peeps......

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Dictonary definition;

spin - a short drive in a car; "he took the new car for a spin"

ride, drive - a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile); "he took the family for a drive in his new car"

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This event is still officially on but being run unofficially..............

Meeting at 10 am Thunder Road Bridgend.

The BBQ is on at the Haywain pub in Bridgend after the ride and there are two bands booked for the early and late evening. By all accounts there is going to be a good crowd turning up.

Come and make a day of it .... :)

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