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O/T - Mobile bike mechanic in the South?

Guest macca

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Apols this isn't about a meet or rideout, I just thought this would be the best place for it as it's a local question.

I hadn't started my bike for 3 weeks (been abroad with work), went to take it out yesterday and the bugger wouldn't start.

Charged the battery up overnight thinking that was it but today still the same. I think I can hear the engine turning over but it doesn't catch.

I don't know if the engines flooded, if the ht/spark plugs need changing, if the carbs are blocked or if it's something else as I can't get the fairing off to follow the haynes manual - i'm not that confident anyway and would rather pay someone to do it :oops:

Anyhow, if anyone knows of a mobile mech that knows bikes could you please pass me the details. I don't like picking ones out of the yellow pages without recommendations.



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:scratch: --stupid I know but you have got the 'kill button' off--3 weeks isn't long enough for fuel prob to suddenly start--did you use choke??--try few turns without. Could be the side stand cut out switch--spray around with some WD40
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Nah, not got it sorted yet - haven't had a chance to do anything.

It's not the kill switch, the ignition doesn't do anything if that's on.

I'm still on my CB500 Kev, well i will be when it works! :)

I'm just by Segensworth, junction 9 (i think) on M27.

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Cheers all.

Looks like the battery is on it's way out.

Put it straight in off of the charger (which has a maintain mode) after leaving overnight and my little bike started up first time.

I'm gonna go get new battery I think.

Now, where's the good weather gone? Bloody typical!

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