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awesome helmet

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the simpson helmets look awesome...well on streetfighters anyway...and are well priced. and the stig wears one so u cant go far wrong










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Got an Rx. They are grrrrreat. But naughty for road use.

Visor hole doesnt impede vision at all, but the feeling of security from the MAHOOSIVE chin piece is excellent.

They dont submit em for road legality as the hole is too small and they will never pass. They do however meet just about every other race standard known to man(hence damned safe) and have a nomex liner.

They also look(in my opinion, so bound to be correct!) cooler than just about anything helmet related. I love mine.


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I had 1 years ago, a bandit I think, really liked it. Then they became illegal, I thought the new simpson bike helmets were legal again! they've done just enough to get them legal, so my mate, who wears 1 told me, but he might be wrong :lol:

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Went to the chippy on me KTM earlier wearing my ex's Simpson as it was raining and am fed up with the sting of the rain on me face from my MX lid.

Gotta say although its illegal for UK roads I had just as much vision as I have wearing my MX goggles!

They do look very cool, but even if you stick an ACU gold sticker you got from ebay on it you are asking to get a tug from the old bill as it is common knowledge that Simpsons are not legal!

I am really annoyed that I gotta give her the lid back coz it really suits the KTM and one of my sets of riding gear!

They are incredably safe in a smash tho, the testing they go through far out weighs the testing EU lids get IIRC!

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