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Speedo Stopped

Guest rummstein

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more likely snapped cable .... front wheel thickish black cable goes to the hub with a knurled nut on end and same on speedo end ...

undo the wheel end of it and try spinning it with fingers or a drill on a slow speed and get faster ( if it dont work at frst try opposite direction and look at speedo see if any movement if none remove cable and try pulling both ends of inner cable in opposite direction 95% time it will be snapped somewhere along its length if intact but after trying the drill test speedo does not work suspect speedo if speedo works suspect the speedo drive on the wheel hub .....

Make sure cable is in both the drive and speedo first and that it is up tight

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just tried that and managed to pull the cable out too the entire cable is there so im going to push it back in maybe it had become loose.
did the cable have two square ends on it >

i was just posting too watch out that the cabel may come out lol

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it had a square end at the wheel part and a part like a drill at the speedo end of things put it back in and still no response :(


ok if cable seems fine ( not sure what you mean by like a drill unless it uses a worm gear ( spiral type end )

attach only to the wheel end and spin frontwheel to see if cable spins

if not suspect the drive unit if spins suspect the speedo

all i can offer at the mo

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You was right TimR the cable has snapped right at the end of the worm gear,

So now the question is where to get hold of a cable :?

well i doubt it would be a worm gear only reason i mentioned that was you said it looked like a drill bit more than likely to be two square ends as originally said but imay be wrong lol ...

yamaha /ebay/scrapyards wemoto etc etc

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