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95% of the topics in this thread are in South East

Guest Wow

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:lol: they're fairly new sections!

we are moving things around as and when!

it would help if the people who live there actually put them in the right place in the first place! :lol:

if you want to pm me with what you think should be where, feel free :lol:

and then I'll move them

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if you want to pm me with what you think should be where, feel free :lol:

and then I'll move them


About 90 to 95 % of all the threads lol.

If you do look at the regions on the Government offices websites they give you a good idea.

Look at the map and combine with lists below.

East of England (but call it what you like) is area containing:







Just put Hampshire back with the South East where it belongs and leave London on its own.

South-East includes:


Milton Keynes





South-West includes:






If you want people to put the ride-outs in the right threads you have to have a logical grouping of regions. And maybe put a list to clarify in a sticky.

Also it's a moderators job to move threads about. If you haven't got a southern moderator make sure you get one! We don't all live in Hull. Sorry if the tone is pedantic not meant to be, meant to be helpful, am at work and in a rush. You can always PM me if you have a further question. :D

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