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Keeping warm in winter

Guest elrasho

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As winter is round the corner, any advice for a newbie biker on how to keep warm and dry?

What make of bike gear would you guys recommend? When I say make I really mean brand. Are motorcycle boots really that necessary if im riding a YBR 125? They seem like a hassle to me

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Hi mate and welcome to the forum.

Boots that go over the ankle, protect the ankle. I`d personally recommend getting a pair, waterproof ones.

As for gear, you`ll read a lot on the subject from other members. I personall wear my leathers with thermal layers underneath and a rain suit over. Reason being, that roads are a bit more slippy when wet so the likely hood of coming off while it`s raining will, to me anyway, be increased. Not bothered on brands for rain suit as long as it keeps water out.

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OK keeping warm can be nice and simple as long as you understand what you are trying to achieve:

Objective 1 keep out the wind

Objective 2 wick moisture away from the body

Objective 3 trap warm air as an insulator

these 3 objectives or principles will keep you warm no matter what you are doing from watching sports to climbing mountains.

Step 1 and probably the most important when it comes to keeping warm is a good base layer, this should be a tight fitting thin purpose made base layer such as the hely-hanson lifa series (top and trousers). This will act as the first insulation layer and also to wick away any moisture from the skin keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Step 2 if cold enough wear a technical mid layer, such as a thin fleece, and then if room wear a second outer type fleece when its really cold or the outer fleece can be replaced with the lining from a winter textile jacket.

step 3 jacket and trousers, textile which are at least wind proof, but preferably wind and waterproof.

for base and mid layers have a look around mountain sports shops and ski-ing shops these are generally cheaper than bike specific and just as good.

I ride all year round in this sort of kit and it keeps me warm on my 2-3 hour weekly commute.

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Moved this into the clothing section for you mate.

What Akey said is spot on... You can get loads of stuff.... Personally I would recommend having a look at Cold Killers stuff..... Apart from the eyes and eye area their is not a part of the body they can't cover....

So far I only have the balaclava with a neck cover... Apart from that nothing covers my neck and I don't feel a thing on it mate.

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akito desert jacket and trousers. cant go wrong with them mate. also get a thermal neck tube or a balaclava.

yes you need motorcycle boots mate.

1) protection of the foot and shins

2) get some water proof ones to keep your feet dry and warm. richa make a good pair.

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Plenty of layers, windproof fleece is the worlds best invention, BUT, make sure they are comfortable. Its no good being warmish, but so uncomfortable you dont ride well.

Heated grips do work well(feel bulky tho)

Handlebar guards(on a trail type bike) keep a LOT of wind off the hands.

Hugging the engine works well Bill, but another tip Id kinda recommend.

If you are on a long cold ride, hands frozen, pull over and bung your glove over the exhaust pipe for a moment. It warms your gloves up lovely. Bit smelly, but toasty warm.

Remember then, lots of comfortable layers......

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A heated vest & heated grips would keep you uber toasty. I've got the grips... and I'll be getting a vest soon.

Clothes that zip together really reduce drafts.

Try to keep as dry as possible, or else you'll get cold!

There is nothing out there that is as waterproof as gore-tex IMO - worth the ££ (lasts for years and years). It's all about how it's stitched together

Wear as many layers as possible, without reducing your mobility.

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Lots of good info already :)

as for hands, tested out these today http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/100-Silk-Liner-Gl ... 911.c0.m14 under my A/stars goretex gloves. They maybe waterproof, but I didnt find them warm enough. These liners are very thin and slip under the well fitting gloves nicely and as an added extra you can keep a layer on when filling up/ short stops etc, Downside... they'll shred if you get them too close to velcro.

Also been trying out merino wool baselayers instead of synthetic.. some bargains to be had on ebay and am really impressed, as theyre so thin you just dont need to try and cram fleeces etc under your gear and end up like the michelin man or end up with your gear so tight you either cant move or you get cold because its tight.

When its really nippy, i add a top layer - would recommend either fleece or waterproof gear to keep wind out and keep you a bit warmer. I have a wiring kit to sew into my winter jacket... think its about time I got that in too, I hear good reports on the heated gear

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