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1991 honda xlr250 - no spark

Guest lewis

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this is my first post, so hi

i am currently drowning in a sea of electrical problems, these hondas r meant 2 be reliable but not so much with this one.

problem is it only has an intermitent spark, if it starts it will tick over and rev up in neutral all day long, but wen u take it down the road it gets about 20 meters and cuts out, and then there is no spark, if u leave it for a few hours but touch nothing it mysteriously gets a spark again.

it had a brand new CDI from honda a month ago (£170 :shock: ) a new rectifier/regulator a day after that and a brand new coil, lead, cap and plug yesterday, i hav replaced the stator plate with a spare i have, along with the crank pick-up. ignithion switch and kill switch r both fine, and i checked every wire in the whole loom too.

it ran for a few days after it had the CDI and rectifier and now wont go again

i really have ran out of ideas with what could be wrong now, has anyone else has similar problems? any help wud be great.

cheers, lewis

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hello lewis, welcome to TMBF :lol:

stick a post in the newbies section and say hello!

electrics are the worst problem to try to solve remotely :lol:

reg/recs are honda's weakpoints!, but you've already changed that. Are you sure you've got the right sort of plug in?

spray the world with electrolube and see if that makes a difference! :lol:

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thanks for the advise guys, i have checked the ignition and kill switch and they both seem to be working as they should, i have the right plug (DPR9Z)too.

i just checked for a spark and had one, put the plug back in and there was nothing. :(

thg only thing i haven't replaced yet is a strange thing which goes behind the headlight (its the baja model with the 2 massive lights btw) i think its a capacitor but i dont know if its related to the ignition or the lighting. the bike has total loss ignition with no battery so it may be to help with the ignition?

cheers, Lewis

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