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what to do with your gear in town

Guest zorgbargle

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Just passed my test, hope to collect my CBF600 next weekend, can't wait!

I'll be primarily a commuter, riding 16 miles from an outlying village to work in the city centre. However, I wanted to know what other riders do if they ride into the city for entertainment - say watching a movie. What can you do with your gear (helmet & leathers/textiles)? Does it fit in a topbox? What if you take a passenger in as well? Just curious since I have zero experience.



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One of the recently built carparks I go to has a set of large lockers next to the bike parking section... Very useful. Might be worth hunting around to see if you can find that.

Failing that it might be worth getting textiles (Google "Draggin Jeans") which you don't have to change out of as they look like normal...ish jeans...

After that a suitable top box can hold 2 helmets, but they are not that bad to carry around.

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Firstly great choice of bike...

Secondly, would recommend a topbox- they're useful for sticking helmets and gloves in. Trousers, i'm with korbs, invest in a pair of normal(ish) looking armoured trousers, so you don't have to worry about getting changed. Jackets can't help you with to be honest, unless you invest in some paniers...

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I have the same situation as you, same bike even.

I go with a 45litre topbox which takes gloves and helmets.

Everything else we just wear, so then you need to chose your gear carefully if you're concerned about looking like a powerranger/ymca singer in the cinema.

I have all black leathers, if you get a plain-ish looking jacket, it could almost be any type of leather jacket. Also consider costs can you afford different kit for when you're riding & why & weather (I can't), but draggin type jeans only work in the summer and less so at night (cinema exit time) due to temp.

BTW my local cinema won't allow us to take the helmets into the screening. A bonus as you don't have to carry it with you / A negative cause I don't trust them with it.

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