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Clothing advice for a newbie

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I'm taking my CBT in December and would like to get all my gear sorted before so I'm used to wearing what i'll be wearing when I get on my own bike.

I've read a load of posts on this very forum and some other about different clothing So i've kinda decided on most of it, I just need a bit of a kick in the right direction. I'm not bothered about looking cool, my main concerns are staying warm, dry and keeping my body intact. Oh and I only have winter riding in mind as it seems that its better to have some winter gear and some not winter/summer wear.

Helmet: I'm just going to try on a load and buy whichever is best for me

Jacket n Trousers: I'm leaning towards either Akito Python or Spada Adventure They're pretty similar in what they offer and price so I was just wondering what other peoples preference would be between the two.

Boots: This is the one which i'm stuck on as there is a massive choice and difference between makes/types/designs etc. Is there a decent pair that would keep my feet warm/dry and be good for warmer weather too?

I'm completely new to it all so don't really have an idea of which are brands are trusted and what to lookout for when trying stuff on other than reading other peoples comments/advice so any help is greatly appreciated!

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akito's are good

best thing to do i s get round the local shops and see what the ranges are try a few on ... then do some research etc

dealers may push to sell their ranges but most will give advice on fitting and usage .....

i used to use Akito's pyhton trousers and akito jacket ( can't remember which one though) and akito gloves and akito touring boots ( good price and reasonable quality

but am now mainly using rst k2 trousers and a rst daytona leather jacket and frank thomas aqua tech boots and richa waterproof gloves which are brilliant ......

helmets i use Caberg v2 (riding to work use etc) and a caberg Justimo gt( good use)

hope this helps

stick a hello up in newbies and you will get a warm welcome im sure

give a location and othees from that way may give personal recommendations

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Akito is good stuff from what I understand.

Try stuff on mate, and see what suits you the best. As you are winter riding I would recommend textiles over leathers.

Read these 3 posts!!




Should answer most your questions!!

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I have Oxtar TCS goretex (£100 from the nec last year) still fully waterproof, and lovely and warm.

If you are prepared to wait for real quality then google Alt Berg and have a look at their bike boots, they are the mutts nutts.

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Just to follow up my post as I like tales to have a happy ending............

I tried on a load of helmets, most of which just didn't fit very well. AVG didn't seem to have any space for my chin (which amused my dad when I told him, seems i'm to be called Jimmy from now) It came down to Ari or Shoei, I ended up with a Shoei Raid II as it edged the Ari comfort wise.

Went for Frank Thomas XTI Aqua jacket & trousers oh and gloves too. They fit me really well, a bit tight round the knee when on a bike but I'm assured they'll break in a little!

And finally some Dianese Apache boots which, as far as i'm concerned, are ace!

I almost stayed on budget as well which is pleasing. I was secretly hoping my head would get on better with a slightly cheaper make of helmet but not bothered as my daughter spent a good half hour sat in its box giggling, which reminded me why I like my head and the other parts of me I'd like to keep functioning!

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I do want a back protector! I kinda ran out of time in the shop as I spent ages walking around with helmets on and sitting on bikes in various combinations of jackets & trousers.

I'm going to go back soon to try a few on as I have some cash left in my fund, although I do need to sort out some security with that aswell!

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